UMW - Legacy Fund

The United Methodist Women has made a 3-year commitment to collecting for the Legacy Fund. Each year will be a different program so be sure to check back to see what we're doing each year.

The collection for 2016 has been turned in. The donation amounts were based on multipliers found in Bible Scriptures, "Read Exodus 2: Moses married a woman not from his own people but from another land. Multiply by 2 the number of letters in the name of Moses' wife and the land where she lived. Put this number of coins in your legacy fund." Collection bags are still available. Contact the church or Peggy G.

The Legacy Fund

United Methodist Women is celebrating its 150th anniversary by strengthening and passing on its mission inheritance with The Legacy Fund. The forward-­‐looking permanent endowment will provide a firm foundation for generations of United Methodist Women to come as they engage in mission with the women, children and youth of their day. The Legacy Fund’s income will ensure a regular source of support for the core expenses of being in mission. It will provide for administration of United Methodist Women's grants, scholarships, mission personnel,membership nurture, leadership development as well as enable the organization to make needed technological updates of its data and communications operating systems.

The total program of United Methodist Women is mission. United Methodist Women service, advocacy and transformative learning opportunities equip members to be agents of change and promote the empowerment of women that is essential to address the root causes of so many conditions harming women, children and youth. The Legacy Fund will provide a stable source of support for core expenses of mission, and in doing so, it will free future generations of United Methodist Women to raise and budget their Mission Giving dollars in a different way that enables them to connect even more directly with women, children and youth.

Every member of United Methodist Women is invited to contribute to The Legacy Fund. Any amount is welcome. Consider commemorating the year United Methodist Women foremothers first organized for mission with gifts in increments of 1869—$18.69, $186.90, $1,869, etc. Or you may want to honor United Methodist Women’s years of service with gifts in increments of 150 —$15, $150, $1,500. Members are also invited to name The Legacy Fund in their will or as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or pension. Checks can be made out to Neidig UMC, 1251 Highland St., Oberlin, Steelton, PA 17113. Write “The Legacy Fund” in the memo section.

March 23, 1869, eight women gathered at Tremont Methodist Episcopal Church in Boston, Massachusetts, to organize for mission focused on the needs of women and children. They started the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society, a predecessor organization of United Methodist Women, and through it raised money to send a woman doctor, Clara Swain, and a woman teacher, Isabella Thoburn, to India as missionaries to serve the women and girls of that nation. Those visionary women left a legacy that has moved generations of women to engage in mission focused on the needs of women and children of their times for going on 150 years. In the 21st century, women still need to organize for mission. Make it happen with a gift to The Legacy Fund.