From the Pastor - December 2018

I always find it both interesting and helpful to study other faiths. I am always amazed at just how much our faith shares some core concepts with all the oher faith systems in the world. There is, though, one major difference, one major characteristic of Christianity that sets it apart from the rest. It is central to our whole belief system and yet, for some reason, it isn’t something we focus on too much. I am speaking of the Incarnation. We believe not only in God, we believe not only in salvation, we believe not only in life after death, we believe in a God whose love is big enough that God is willing to become one of us. That is unique. The gods of other faiths are sometimes good, sometimes not so good, sometimes loving, sometimes vengeful. However the idea that God would actually take on human flesh, to become part of the world God created, set us apart.

At the same time, we often don’t really delve into what this incarnation actually means. We mention the word in worship and in prayer, but we don’t usually stop to think about it. We should because the incarnations means something more than just God becoming like us. In this single act, God is uniting the heavenly realm with the realm of creation. God is uniting the diversity that shaped creation with the hands and feet that continue to mold that creation to this day. This Christmas season, we need to remember just how world-changing this idea of incarnation can be. We need to realize just how it is woven into every part of our lives, even in our prayers. “When we pray, ‘Let your kingdom come’, we aren’t asking God to bring history to an end and whisk us to realms of glory, or to wave a magic wand and so[ve all the problems we face in our life. Rather, we are making a radical commitment to live our life in the world (‘on earth’) in such loving abandonment to God that the values and principles, the perspectives and dynamics of God’s realm of life and wholeness become incarnate in and through our being and doing. Here too we are utterly incapable of actualizing the kingdom in this way. We can, however, through loving abandonment, allow God to incarnate kingdom life in and through us in the circumstances of our daily life.” -- M. Robert Mulholland Jr.

This Christmas let us honor God not only by praying by worshiping, and by fellowship, but even more so by realizing that incarnation wasn’t just something God did 2000 years ago. It is something God continues doing to this day, through our own flesh and bones and through our own encounters and experiences. When we accept Christ as God’s Son, God comes to reside in our heart, and through the life of Jesus Christ, we ourselves become the incarnate presence of God in the world. How’s that for a Christmas miracle?

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Steve

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Advent 2018 ~ "The LIving Nativity: Preparing for Christmas with Saint Francis"

Did you know that Saint Francis is the person credited with creating the first living nativity? Saint Francis lived his life in the thirteenth century and sought to live a life as close to Christ as possible. Through the use of his life as a means of exploring the beginnings of the nativity and Advent traditions, we will strive ot understand the incarnation of Christ and look at the ordinary ways used to prepare for the birth of the Christ child. This study includes daily advent readings for you and your family, as well as suggestions for weekend activities in preparation for the season.

Along with this study, we would like to make a display of various nativity sets throughout the church. If you have a special set you would like ti display, please contact Jeannette Keezel (717.512.5958).

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December's mission project will be a Warm Winter Tree for the Bethesda Mission. They are predicting a hard cold winter so think of things that keep you warm. Gloves, hats, scarves, blankets warm socks, and even chapstick. Please bring your donations to the church to be hung on the tree at the front of the sanctuary. If you have any questions, please contact Becky at 717.884.3251

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