Merit Badge Counselor Corner

Welcome to the NEIC Merit Badge Counselor Corner!

Here you will be able to find a counselor, sign-up to be a counselor, and other Merit Badge information.

To become A New Merit Badge Counselor:

Current Counselor and Want to add Badges?

How to submit Applications:

If you did not renew during the last renewal period, you will need to fill out the packet under New Merit Badge Counselors.

Yes, you still need to fill out a new adult application even if you are currently registered as an adult. This is a new position that you are adding, which means an application is required.

Certifications for Archery, Canoeing, Climbing, Kayaking, Lifesaving, Rifle Shooting, Rowing, Scuba Diving, Shotgun Shooting, Snow Sports, Swimming, and Whitewater are required. Submit the appropriate current certification credentials with each new application and renewal. Unfortunately, without the credentials you cannot be registered for one of these merit badges.