Eagle Scout Information

If you would like a copy of your personal profile please email megan.chellberg@scouting.org with your name, unit, and birthday.

The Eagle Dinner will be on April 25, 2017 for Scouts who earned the rank of Eagle between March 1, 2016 and March 1, 2017.

To register for the dinner please visit www.neic.org/eagle2017

Know any past Eagle Scouts?

As an Eagle Scout, you know the honor of earning the Eagle Rank. On April 25th the Northeast Illinois Council will celebrate the over 200 members of the Eagle Class of 2016 at the annual Eagle Scout Banquet at Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling, IL.

What better way for you to send your congratulations to our new Eagles than to sponsor him and his Scoutmaster with a donation of $75 to underwrite their meals?

Accept the challenge and add your name to the list of fellow Eagles who want to “Pay it Forward.” Sponsors who make a minimum gift of $75 will be listed in the program Honor Roll.

To donate: neic.org/EagleChallenge2017


Of course, you are welcome to join us for the dinner. For additional information and to register visit www.neic.org/eagle2017. Questions: NESA Staff Advisor Mary Kelly, mary.kelly@scouting.org

Want to get an Eagle License plate? Visit neic.org/eagleplate to learn more!