Orlando 2017

Spring Trip Information

This site serves as a single location for all information regarding our upcoming spring trip to participate in the Music USA festival held in Orlando on April 27th, 2018.

On December 15th 2017, the following flyer was distributed to all music students.

Spring Trip Information

What: Northeast music spring trip

When: Friday, April 27th & Saturday, April 28th

Where: Music USA festival at Universal Studios Orlando

Who: Bands (Concert, Jazz, Marching), All Chorus Ensembles, and Orchestra

As announced to students at the beginning of the school year and to parents at back-to-school night, we are planning a trip this spring for our music students. This trip will take our performing ensembles to Orlando Florida to participate in the Music USA festival. They will perform for adjudicator comments, and compete with other ensembles for awards. Trips like this are part of a bigger plan to foster a better sense of community among the students in our various ensembles. Further, it exposes students to the bigger music community these students are a part of and gives students another reason to continue their participation and further their skills.

While trips like these are fun and educational, they do not come for free and will have associated costs. Currently, this trip will cost between $250 and $275. We are doing everything we can to minimize expenses while still providing the best experience for students.

The following items make up the cost of this trip:

· Entry fee for each student assessed by the festival.

· 1 day 2 park entry to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

· 1 night stay in a hotel priced at 4 (6) students per room based on final hotel arrangements.

· 2 days transportation on PCSB approved carrier.

Beginning in January, we will begin solidifying arrangements starting with collecting a deposit of $50 from all participating students on January 19th. This deposit indicates a desire to participate in the trip and demonstrates willingness to participate in the fundraisers to follow. The total cost of the trip is dictated by the number of participating students; so, it is imperative that if your student is participating, they make their deposit on January 19th. In regards to this deposit, if for some reason the trip needs to be cancelled, we will refund the amount. We are establishing a hard deadline of March 1st for any individual cancellations. After this date, refunds will not be possible as money will have already been spent or encumbered. We appreciate your understanding and hope this helps in your planning.

We are establishing a website for further information and updates on the status of the trip and fundraisers. This resource will be provided prior to January 19th, and as always feel free to contact Mr. Dawson or Mr. Cook for any questions. Our email addresses are listed below.


Mr. Dawson & Mr. Cook

dawsoncl@pcsb.org ~ cookcha@pcsb.org

Upcoming dates:

  • January 19, 2018. $50 Deposit (refundable if you fundraise beyond your individual share)
  • March 1, 2018. Individual cancellation deadline (no individual cancellations after this date).
  • April 27, 2018. Trip departure and festival participation
  • April 28, 2018. Day spent in parks. Returning apx 8pm


There will be adequate fundraising opportunities for all students to raise funds for this trip. All students and families are encouraged to fully take advantage of these opportunities. Some of our fundraisers will be used to reduce the cost of the trip as a whole and will not be credited towards individuals, but will require your participation regardless. These will be indicated in advance:

  • January ~ Snap-Raise ~ Individual
  • February ~ Gasparilla ~ Group
  • February ~ Yard Sale ~ Group/Individual
  • March ~ Yankee Candle ~ Individual
  • March ~ Buffalo Wild Wings Spirit Night
  • April ~ Iron Kids ~ Group
  • April ~ Candy ~ Individual


1. Will the $50 deposit go towards the trip?

Yes. If the trip goes as planned your deposit will be rolled into your account. If you raise over the individual amount the $50 may be refundable or able to be applied to other things...like Marching Band dues for next year.

2. Can my Parent(s) chaperone this trip?

To limit costs, we are limiting chaperones to only the district minimum. Individuals interested in being a chaperone should:

  • be a registered volunteer with Northeast High School
  • be level 2
  • have prior chaperoning experience

All parents, guardians, or volunteers should contact Mr. Dawson or Mr. Cook to be considered in advance.

3. Is the Friday the 27th of April going to be an excused absence?


4. Should my child/student bring additional funds for the trip? If so, how much?

While the cost of the trip including most meals will be covered, there will be times where you will be on your own. Please review the itinerary on this site to determine those times and what you determine to be appropriate. Most students will not have need for more than $20 during the trip.

5. What will my student be required to wear?

For their performances, students will be required to wear a pre-approved uniform. For their offtime, please refer to the PCSB dress code for guidance or your best discretion.

6. I am an annual pass holder to universal studios/islands of adventure, will that make my trip cheaper?

Unfortunately, no. The cost of park admission is part of the festival pricing and cannot be taken out individually.

7. What are the rooming arrangements?

Students will be housed in rooms assignments of 4 or 6 based on the final decision of hotel arrangements. Students will have the opportunity in the days leading up to the trip to choose their appropriate room partners. You should confirm with your student in advance for any potential problems.

Trip Itinerary (Tentative)

Friday, April 27th 2018

5:00am: Report to Northeast High School

5:30am: Departure from Northeast High School to Orlando/Univeral Studios

9:00am - 3:00pm: Performances by the ensembles

4:00pm: Hotel check in

4:30pm - 6:30 pm: Free time for the students in the hotel

7:00pm: Dinner (Onsite or at nearby restaurant...yet to be decided)

10:00pm: Return to Hotel

10:00pm - 11:30pm: Organized events at the hotel.

12:00am: Lights out

Saturday, April 28th 2018

7:00am: Wake-up/Breakfast at Hotel

8:30: Departure to Universal/Islands of Adventure

9:00am - 5:00pm: Free time in the park

6:00pm: Depart for Northeast High School

8:00pm: Approximate return to Northeast High School.