the music of n.e. hertzberg

TOUR DATES: none currently scheduled

ABOUT: nicholas edward hertzberg is a new jersey based musician and artist. he has been playing music since he was 8 years old and grew up in the diy punk scene. he has been a part of the groups these branches, parch, reconstitute, and like-minded. he co-runs the tape label wet cassettes. he currently plays solo, with his fiancee cait darcy in her band, and in a untitled new project. he has released albums with analog cowboy records, baklava records, kat kat records, deplorable sounds, wet cassettes, and others. his music has been featured in several short films, as well as in the augmented reality application "year one" by TCW A/V. he has performed sporadically across the country and in canada. recently he was part of the 2018 allentown arts festival, and opened a sold-out show in philadelphia for international performer dermot kennedy. with over 12 solo releases in the last 5 years, he plans on continuing his work in experimental and improvised music styles for the foreseeable future, and would love to travel and perform for new audiences in 2019.