Solutions Team

Ryan Welch, CEO

Ryan Welch is the CEO and President of Negus Solutions, Inc. Through his 8 years experience in the consumer realm and his 13 years of management experience he has held multiple positions of responsibility and leadership. He obtained his Associates Degree in Business Management and Administration from the University of Phoenix. Mr. Welch is a member of University of Phoenix Alumni Association, Board member of USC Department of Public Safety Explorer and Cadet Alumni Association, a Program Director for the T.Y.M.E. Foundations Boys to Men Enrichment Program and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS).

Mr. Welch enjoys giving back to his community through volunteering and philanthropic initiatives, he is a Rescue Partner at the Long Beach Animal Care Services Center where he volunteers and walks and spends quality time with the animals there in hopes of getting them adopted. He designs ways and means for relationships to remain in touch through groups and associations.

Mr. Welch founded the company so that he could organize the change that he wants to see in his community and in the world. He is an avid life learner. He attends seminars, social gatherings, and leadership workshops to learn more about and how he and other pioneers in the industry of social influence can better themselves and the community.

Some favorite pastimes of Mr.Welch are to read, write, and collaborating with thought leaders. He is currently working on his Bachelors Initiative where he will obtain a degree in Technical Management. He is proud to be a Toiler and even prouder to be an Angelino. Making the most of his time and talents by giving back to the community and those that have given so much to him.

Mynor Andres, CMO

Mr. Andres is the Negus Solutions Teams Chief Media Officer and Director of College Outreach. He prides himself with taking cinematography and manufacturing creative content for sites. Mynor finding a place that would provide him the resources of academic assistance, made it his mission to give back to his community. Mynor is a College Ambassador, Mentor of younger students, and a proud Latino American and a staunch supporter of his community.

Mynor has a successful YouTube channel called DroGo Films where he chronicles his experience as a student at UC Davis participating in the different clubs and groups on campus.

With support from his parents, community organizations, and school administrators Mynor knows that anything is possible. His involvement with the community and being in various leadership positions helped to affirm his already successful career in college.

Breiana Carlson, EAO

Ms. Breiana Carlson is a career administrator , she attended LATTC where she met Mr. Welch becoming a member of the Solutions Team. Ms. Carlson holds various certifications in executive administrative planning and developing task execution and project management.

Ms. Carlson oversees the Human Resource and Customer Service Operations of the company . She manages a staff of customer service representatives. As the Administrator of the Solutions Team, oversees the management of important execution of contracts and service agreement.

In addition to the operation of the CSR Program Ms. Carlson is the Manager of various sources supported and endorsed by Negus Solutions Inc. Ms. Carlson also is a writer for the Negus Solutions Blog she covers information about preparation of taxes.