Nina House

Botany Master's Student

I am currently a Botany M.S. student at California Botanic Garden (Claremont Graduate University). I am doing a floristic study of the Salmon and Manter Creek watersheds, located in the southern Sierra Nevada.

I moved to southern California from Syracuse, NY in 2017 after completing my Bachelor's degree in Biology at SUNY Oswego. I worked with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy for a short time, and then with the California Botanic Garden (previously Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden) for a year and a half. These jobs introduced me to the California native flora, and gave me a solid foundation in field work, plant identification, and seed banking. I began my graduate education at the California Botanic Garden in September 2019.

I am currently the president of Southern California Botanists, and I am the student representative on the American Society of Plant Taxonomist’s Public Policy Committee.

My interests lie in conservation, botanical field work, science communication, natural history collections, and public policy.


I am doing a floristic study of the Manter and Salmon Creek watersheds in the southern Sierra Nevada, Tulare County, for my master's project at California Botanic Garden (CGU).


My undergraduate research inspired my interests in freshwaster ecosystems and sustainability.