Nina House


I am an enthusiastic and passionate botanist with six years of experience working with the California flora, three of which were spent doing a floristic inventory in the southern Sierra Nevada as part of my master’s thesis. My research interests include floristics, conservation (especially of rare plants), public policy, science communication, wetland & montane ecosystems, impacts of disturbance on plant life, and sustainability.

I am currently a Museum Scientist at the University and Jepson Herbaria at UC Berkeley, where I work on revisionary efforts for the Jepson eFlora and on coordinating their workshop program. I received my master's degree in botany from the California Botanic Garden (Claremont Graduate University). For my thesis, I did a floristic inventory of the Manter and Salmon Creek watersheds, located in the southern Sierra Nevada.

I am currently the president of Southern California Botanists and the incoming president of the Society of Herbarium Curator's Early Career Section.

I did a floristic inventory of the Manter and Salmon Creek watersheds in the southern Sierra Nevada, Tulare County, CA for my master's thesis at the California Botanic Garden.

As part of the curriculum at the California Botanic Garden, I wrote a conservation plan for the rare Eriogonum kennedyi var. pinicola (Kern buckwheat; CRPR 1B.1).
Photo credit: Cheryl Birker

My undergraduate research was a collaborative project with the USGS on microplastic ingestion by forage fish in Lake Ontario.