Clément Nedoncelle

I am a full-time economist at INRAE, in the UMR Economie Publique. My research lies in the field of international economics with a focus on international trade. The core of my research explores the interaction between international trade and the environment. I am also interested in immigration and firm dynamics issues.




Immigrants, Occupations and Firm Export Performance (with L. Marchal), Review of International Economics, 2019, 27

Multi-destination Firms and the Impact of Exchange-Rate Risk on Trade (with J. Héricourt), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2018, 46(4)

Trade Costs and Current Accounts, The World Economy, 2016, 39(10)


Temperatures, Heterogeneous Exporters and Aggregate Trade (April 2021)

Temperatures and Exports in Developing Countries, with J. Wolfersberger

International Climate Transfers and Trade, with B. Bayramoglu, J.F. Jacques and L. Neumann-Noel (Dec. 2020)

Wage Variations and Commuting Distance, with E.-M. Aboulkacem (Oct.2020)

Does Immigration Affect Wages? A meta-analysis, with A. Aubry, J. Héricourt and L. Marchal (March 2021)

Ongoing grants/projects:

Temperatures and Exports in Developing Countries (INRAE Ecosocio, 2020-2021)

How Immigration Impacts Natives’ Wages. Investigating Cross-Country Differences (NaWaCC) ANR-DFG, 2018 - 2021


I recently co-organized a workshop at INRA, about "Trade, IO and Food Industry".