Clément Nedoncelle

I am a full-time economist at INRAE, in the Paris-Saclay Applied Economics (PSAE) group.

The core of my research explores the interaction between international trade and the environment, with a primary focus on (i) the impact of temperature variations on trade flows and (ii) the impact of trade (policy) on biodiversity.



Wage Variations and Commuting Distance (with E.-M. Aboulkacem), Journal of Economic Geography, Forthcoming, 2022. (Pre-print) (Online Appendix)

Immigrants, Occupations and Firm Export Performance (with L. Marchal), Review of International Economics, 2019

Multi-destination Firms and the Impact of Exchange-Rate Risk on Trade (with J. Héricourt), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2018

Trade Costs and Current Accounts, The World Economy, 2016


Temperatures, Heterogeneous Exporters and Aggregate Trade (Sept. 21)

Temperatures, Firm Size and Exports in Developing Countries, with J. Wolfersberger (new version, June 22)

International Climate Aid and Trade, with B. Bayramoglu, J.F. Jacques and L. Neumann-Noel (new version, May 22), R&R

Does Immigration Affect Wages? A meta-analysis, with A. Aubry, J. Héricourt and L. Marchal (Dec. 21), under review

Works in progress

  • Are environmental provisions of RTAs effective in mitigating natural resource depletion? Evidence from fisheries, with B. Bayramoglu, E. Gozlan and T. Tarabbia (2022)

  • The distributional effect of extreme weather events, with M. Ollier (2022)