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Does Nectar Mattress come in a box?

Yes, Nectar mattresses are typically delivered in a compact box. These mattresses are compressed, vacuum-sealed, and rolled up to fit into a manageable box for shipping and delivery. The mattress can be easily unboxed and set up by the customer in their desired location. Once unboxed, the mattress expands to its full size, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.

Nectar Mattress Topper

Currently, Nectar Sleep doesn’t offer mattress toppers, but we’ve received information from credible sources inside their company, that soon they will start offering mattress toppers on their website.

How to return a Nectar Mattress?

Even though returns are rare for Nectar Mattresses, customers need to know how to return a mattress if they don’t like it.

To return a Nectar Mattress you need to email: returns@nectarsleep.com or call: 1-888-425-4854 and they will arrange someone to pick it up.

We suggest you sleep for at least 30 days on your new mattress before making this decision. You have 365 days to try it.

Nectar Mattress Protector - Is it Worth Buying?

Yes, for only $99, the Nectar Mattress Protector is worth it. It will protect your mattress from anything, be it stains, dirt, dust etc.

Here are the pros of having a Nectar Mattress Protector:

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Nectar Mattress Email


Is the Nectar Mattress Appropriate For You?

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the bed, I am going to give you a few recommendations and some of the most common Nectar complaints:


– First and foremost, I would suggest the Nectar for anyone who desires that classic memory foam texture, deep body shaping and all.

– More specifically, I’d say this mattress might be a real winner for side sleepers, who will benefit from its cushiony pressure relief at the shoulders and hips.

– Considering its superb motion transfer and edge support results, I would also say the Nectar could be a solid pick for couples.

Nectar Complaints

– While a lot of people will enjoy the thick layers of memory foam in this bed, I would say that tummy sleepers may find that it sends their hips out of alignment with their shoulders.

– It also has almost no rebound, which might be a dealbreaker for all those sleepers in search of buoyant support.

Final Remarks on the Nectar Mattress Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar, overall, offers consumers a high tier product at a low price. Because of it’s high-quality materials, support, cooling system, and construction, Nectar sets themselves apart from the rest.

Absorbing motion readily, causing no disruption to your partner’s sleep, made in the USA, and it’s minimal sinkage issues, make this an all-around good purchase.Nectar Mattress Review

Additionally, it’s one-year risk-free sleep trial,”Forever Warranty”, free transport, easy return/refund process and very affordable prices finalize the long list of quality features and options offered to consumers in the time of their first purchase and thereafter.

Overall the Nectar is an outstanding buy.

How To Choose The Right Memory Foam Mattress for You

Thinking about buying yourself a new memory foam mattress? Not sure what to expect?

Traditional mattresses and visco-elastic mattresses are totally different. Some people love those differences, and others don’t.

Here’s what you can expect to notice with your new foam mattress.

1. You sink into the material.

Visco-elastic foam, or memory foam, is heat sensitive. When you lay down onto your bed the material condenses and the air surrounding you disperses to other part of the mattress. Some people compare this feeling to sleeping on clouds; others say it’s like a little nest surrounding you. Many think that it allows for optimal comfort, causing them to move less. Opponents of memory foam mattresses say that it constricts them, making movement in the night difficult.

2. There are no pressure points.

The most common complaint about traditional spring mattresses is that they cause discomfort on the points where the body meets the springs. The pressure from the springs pushes against that of the bones in shoulders, hips, backs, and knees, squishing the skin in the middle and causing people to toss and turn. Because of the dense, viscous material memory foam is made of, these pressure points cease to exist.

3. You can’t feel your partner moving as much as you used to.

Think about that commercial in which the man jumps on one side of the bed with a glass of red wine undisturbed on the other. Because memory foam is heat sensitive, there is a space between you and your partner to isolate movements. In spring mattresses, each movement is transferred to your side of the bed.

Best-Selling Memory Foam Mattress?

Nectar makes the best selling mattresses in the world, and the Memory Support is a great example of a Nectar mattress which is both supportive and luxurious.

The generous layer of memory foam in the mattress relieves pressure points to significantly reduce tossing and turning during the night, and also allows you to sink into the mattress for a luxurious sleep.

Nectar have used their Posturepedic Ultra upgraded spring system so that the mattress contours and adapts to your body shape and supports into the lumbar region and across your shoulders.

What Are The Advantages of Shopping Online For a Mattress?

A huge advantage of shopping online for a new mattress is the significant price savings that can be found. Online retailers typically do not have to pay expensive overheads for store space and sales people. This means that savings can be passed onto the customer in the region of hundreds of dollars or more.

Cost can be one of the most important factors of buying a new bed, especially when entire sets can cost thousands of dollars - particularly for more advanced technology such as the popular memory foam options that are now available. The savings on such an item online can be very significant.

It’s also important to ensure the mattress is going to be of high quality and there can often be a huge difference in quality between buying a bargain priced mattress from a store and buying a discounted brand name one online. If you insist on getting the cheap one then you can end up suffering in the long run with sleepless nights. Another benefit of going with the brand name is the guarantee that usually goes with it - if anything goes wrong you can return or replace it. This is not always the case with a ‘bargain basement’ one.

Buying online also gives you the option of comparing reviews and special offers on selected items all from the comfort of your own home. Many online retailers also offer free shipping anywhere in the continental United States and no sales tax to states outside the one they are registered in.

Saving the sales tax and shipping alone can be worth several hundred dollars when buying a high quality one. This is one of the best tips on how to buy a mattress online.

If you are still confused about buying online, many places will offer personal customer service to help you figure out which one is going to be right for you. Just like at a normal physical retail outlet where you can find a salesperson to assist you with any questions.

Some online retailers even operate 24 hours a day giving you the comfort of choosing where and when you shop.

Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing a Mattress

One common mistake when buying a new mattress is to go for one that is too small to provide a decent night’s sleep. Sometimes, investing just a little more in a mattress that offers adequate space for you to sleep comfortably can transform the quality of your sleep.

The size of your new mattress will obviously depend on certain factors, such as the number, weight and height of people sleeping in the bed, as well as the space available in the room. You can, however, try a simple test to determine whether your mattress is big enough for you:

Lie down on your back on your mattress with your head on your pillow, and your hands behind your head. If you share your bed, get your partner to do the same. If your elbows either touch your partner or go beyond the edges of the bed, your mattress is too small for you to sleep comfortably.

Couples often automatically opt for a double bed, perhaps thinking that a king-size mattress is a bit of a luxury. And yet, double beds offer a very limited sleeping space for two individuals that is simply not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

How Firm Should Your Mattress Be?

It is a common perception that the firmer your mattress the better, particularly if you suffer from back and joint pain. This however is not necessarily the case and there are several factors you need to take into account when choosing your new mattress.

The Value of a Good Night Sleep

You should never underestimate the value of a good night sleep. Did you know that not getting enough quality rest could drastically affect your health? Depriving yourself of sleep negatively changes the way your immune system operates, increases stress levels, and can sometimes cause weight gain by altering how carbohydrates are stored and processed.

Studies show that resting properly can even help the brain store new information better. During clinical tests, people who got a good night sleep after they had learned something new did dramatically better on tests than subjects who did not get enough sleep. Losing sleep can also seriously alter your mood. It can lead to impatience, irritability, and difficulty with concentration.

Everybody has suffered from lack of sleep at some time or another, and most people know that it can, at the very least, put you in a bad mood. What people often forget, though, is that many times quality of rest is just as important as how long you sleep. If you have been sleeping on an old worn out bed, it might be time to consider a new mattress set.

A decent mattress can make a real impact on your everyday life.

Don’t wait another day! Sleep is important and a great mattress is just as important. Get yourself a great mattress today by using the best deal that you could ever find!

How Often Should You Clean Mattresses?

A mattress is an expensive yet vital accessory for your home. A comfortable, clean mattress ensures that you receive enough sleep to perform well throughout the day. Keep your mattress clean for aesthetic and sanitary reasons. Treating stains quickly and regular maintenance ensures that the mattress looks new and helps you get a restful night’s sleep.


Vacuuming your mattress with the attachments on your vacuum cleaner keeps it free of dust mites, which is especially important if someone in your home is allergic to dust. Invest in a vacuum with a HEPA filter for the best results, and vacuum for at least 20 minutes for thorough removal of dust mites. Vacuum once a week if allergy problems are present.

Cleaning Solution

Tackle stains as quickly as possible for the best chance of removing them. Use a soapy solution of a mild detergent and cold water. Avoid saturating the mattress as it will take hours to dry efficiently so that you can make the bed. Never use dry cleaning fluids to remove stains unless the manufacturer label suggests it. The fluids can damage the underlying materials or top fabric.

Protecting Your Mattress

Buying a quality mattress pad is one of the best ways to protect the surface of your mattress. They often come with a warranty. The pad is also machine washable and more likely to release stains since you can use warm or hot water temperatures if necessary and the appropriate stain removers. Always use cool water on blood stains for the best results. Water-resistant mattress pads are handy if you have young children or toddlers who are potty training.

Rotating Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress on a regular basis ensures its comfort. Regular use leaves body imprints, and over time this can make it uncomfortable. Typically, rotating the mattress twice a year is sufficient to prevent body impressions. Flip the mattress over, and put the end that was at the head of the bed facing the foot of the bed.

How to Get Rid of a New Mattress Smell

How to Get Rid of a New Mattress Smell. While some people revel in the smell of newness – be it new clothes, new shoes, new car or new furniture – others find the persistent smell of plastic and manufacturing surrounding new items to be off-putting. The smell of newness can be an issue particularly when you buy a new mattress. If you aren’t particularly fond of the smell to begin with, you probably won’t appreciate basking in the scent while you slumber. Luckily, you can eradicate the smell with just a few steps.

Things Needed

Step 1

Sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface of the mattress. Let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. This will absorb all of the odors lingering in and around your mattress.

Step 2

Vacuum up all of the baking soda, using the hand-held vacuum attachment. Vacuum thoroughly, so there are no stray bits of baking soda on your bed.

Step 3

Lay your sheets and mattress pad out on a flat, clean surface.

Step 4

Spray the sheets and mattress pad liberally with odor-neutralizing fabric spray.

Step 5

Put the mattress pad and sheets onto your new, odorless mattress.


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