New England

Inquiry in Mathematics

Participants at the Nov 2018 NE-IBLM Launch Conference at Westfield State University, MA

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the recently formed New England IBL in Mathematics Consortium (NE-IBLM).

Mark your calendars: Our Fall 2019 NE-IBLM Community Conference will take place

Early Bird registration will open soon. An announcement will go out over the email list. Stay posted.

Invitation to participate in Poster Session: You have the opportunity to present your current teaching ideas, projects, etc. in a poster session that will be paired with a 5 minute report to let the community know about your ideas. Please bring your poster to the meeting to set up in the morning -- we have 10 boards for mounting posters, email Megan Heenahan if you want to make sure that there is one available for you!

At our November 2018 launch conference, faculty with some experience in using IBL techniques gathered to brainstorm about next steps. Over 40 participants from 26 institutions across all six New England states (plus New York and New Jersey) collaborated in brainstorming, discussing, developing, and prioritizing activities for the IBL community to engage in.

Please note that we are considering IBL in a broader sense, including problem-based learning, student-centered teaching, active learning, ambitious teaching, discovery learning, and inquiry-oriented learning. Our "Inquire" page documents some word clouds generated by conference participants that captures some of their ideas about teaching and learning with inquiry.


Two important goals of the consortium are broadening the use of IBL in the New England area and creating a regional community of IBL practitioners. We are also dedicated to exploring the role of IBL in inclusive learning, an important connection that is ripe for further exploration and research.

This early time of NE-IBLM is a great opportunity for you to have a pivotal role in the future of the community, and to contribute in a meaningful and significant way to its development.

Looking forward to connecting and learning with you!

Ways to Connect and Engage

To keep in the loop about activities and events, connect with the NE-IBLM Community using the "Connect" form. We use Google Services for communication and to share resources.

You can also check in with us directly. Current communicating coordinators are Christine von Renesse and Volker Ecke, both from Westfield State University.

Current and Future Activities

See the "Engage" page for further details.

  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Visiting Each Other, Coaching & Peer Coaching
  • Traveling Workshops
  • ... and more ...

Collaborators close to you

Take a look at the map to locate NE-IBLM participants located close to you, or at similar institutions. Learn what what IBL courses they are most familiar with, and how to contact them. Contact them! Don't be a stranger!

Past Activities

The NE-IBLM Organizing Committee includes

  • Nermin Bayazit, Fitchburg State University
  • Volker Ecke, Westfield State University (*)
  • Christine von Renesse, Westfield State University (*)
  • Rachel Schwell, Central Connecticut State University
  • Ileana Vasu, Holyoke Community College

Many thanks also to Carolyn Gardner (Mathematics for Teaching, Harvard) and Karl-Dieter Krisman (Gordon College).

Acknowledgements: We are grateful to Mathematics Learning by Inquiry (MLI) for a grant to support the inaugural brainstorming and visioning work of the NE-IBLM organizing group.