We, Notre Dame Belmont alumni, urge the current NDB administration to stop the ongoing racism and discrimination minority students face on campus by creating a clear plan to include: anti-racist education, anti-bias training for faculty, staff, and students, reviewing institutional protocols to increase representation of minority populations amongst the students, faculty, staff, administration, and board, as well as to increase the presence of POC and minority voices within NDB's curriculum.

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

Dr. Angela Davis

Why are we doing this?

Many NDB alumnae have contacted Ms. Maryann Osmond in concern over the public statement released by the school regarding the recent death of George Floyd and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. In response she pledged to meet with those who reached out to her and hear their stories of racism as well as ask for suggestions to make change to NDB. As a group, we have heard statements like this before from this administration. It becomes a "hot topic" for about a month just for their promise to be brushed under the rug leaving POC and minority students marginalized all over again. Notre Dame has given us empty promises before and we will use this campaign to demand a change on this campus. Help us by using #NDBeAccountable and NDBeBetter to hold them to a higher standard.

Mission of the NDBeAccountable

With our #NDBeAccountable campaign we demand that the Notre Dame High School, Belmont administration acknowledge the intersectional discrimination and marginalization of its students. We, as a group who hold intersectional identities, have experienced microaggressions, covert, and overt forms of discrimination on their campus and we expect the school to hold itself accountable and change the climate on their campus to be as inclusive and diverse as they claim to be.

Suggested Hallmarks for Notre Dame Belmont to focus on in order to enact change. Both have been the "spotlighted" Hallmark for the school year within the last three years.

Hallmark Three

We act on behalf of social justice and peace in the world

Hallmark Five

We embrace the gift of diversity

Stand Together

Read an Open Letter from alumni to the NDB community on a list of recommendations we have for NDB. Click the button below to read more about the background of the letter and to read the letter itself, along with the partnered petition.

Want to Help?

  1. Click "Please Fill Out This Survey" to help us gather data on experiences of microagressions, racism, or other forms of discrimination by student, alumns, and faculty/staff.

2. Click "Share Your Story" below to send us your personal testimony of your experience as a POC, ally, or intersectional at NDB so we can add it to our collection on this website and share it on our social media accounts. Help us share the many stories from this campus.

Do you want your voice heard by NDB administration?

Click "Email Admin" to see an email template to send to Ms. Maryann Osmond. All you need to do is copy and paste the email, add your own twist if you would like, sign your name and click send. Sending the email to her will allow her hear your voice and concern.

Are you an alumni and want to get even more involved with us?


Contact [ndbe.better@gmail.com] to get more information about our movement