ℕ³-Days XVII - Hamburg

ℕ³-Days XVII - Hamburg

this Workshop on Number Theory

will take place on

October 14-15, 2022

at the University of Hamburg, Department of Mathematics

Participants are kindly asked to register using the registration form. Registration is free. In case of questions please contact n.cube.hamburg@gmail.com or one of the organizers directly.


Wadim Zudilin (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Laura Breitkopf (University of Bremen)

Kristian Holm (University of Gothenburg)

Yann Bugeaud (University of Strasbourg)

Miriam Kaesberg (University of Göttingen)

Jan-Willem van Ittersum (MPI Bonn)


Maxim Kirsebom, Philipp Kunde, Ulf Kühn and Tomas Persson

Poster ℕ^3.pdf