NCKU CSIE Visual System Lab

Image and Computer Vision Group

Computer Graphics Group

Welcome to VISION Lab! The VISION Lab at National Cheng-Kung University (NCKU) is dedicated to a wide range of research including computer vision, and medical imaging.

VISION Lab participates in many research topics, including the following.

  • Medical image analysis

LV motion analysis

Brain image registration and functional analysis

3D coronary artery detection and visualization

Nerve reconstruction

Cell segmentation and tracking

Arthritis measurement system

Shoulder joint reconstruction from MRI

3D anatomical structures segmentation and motion reconstruction based on integrated image analysis

Multiple modalities image Registration and fusion

  • Brain-computer interface

Finger movement detection

Feature extraction and classification

  • Computer-aided surgical system

Endoscopic shape recovery and combination with surgical instruments

  • Vehicle surveillance system

Vehicle safety management

  • Image processing

High dynamic range color image reproduction

  • Computer graphics

Image metamorphosis

Video matching

  • Computer vision and its applications in industries

3-D scene recovery

Human tracking and face recognition