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UPDATED 11.14.2018 -- Fall 2018 Meeting

Exciting Announcement!

The new LiveBinder, ELA: The Basics, for beginning and lateral entry teachers is now available! The purpose of this binder is to provide an overview of the basics for ELA instruction. This binder is meant to be used in tandem with the ELA Virtual Implementation Kit (VIK) and can be found as a tab in the 2017 ELA Resources Binder.

Click here to visit the ELA: The Basics LiveBinder.

The Virtual Implementation Kit is now available!

The NCDPI ELA Team is excited to announce to North Carolina stakeholders the release of the Virtual Implementation Kit (VIK), an online repository of ELA resources. The VIK provides a variety of resources for supporting administrators, educators, and parents during the implementation of the 2017 ELA Standard Course of Study. The range of resources and modes of navigation offers users an opportunity to discover materials that match their needs. We hope the VIK will be a great support to all stakeholders during implementation and beyond.

The VIK is available as a Canvas repository as well as a website. Download the attached flyer to share this announcement with colleagues. Access the VIK below:




A very big thank you to all our NC stakeholders, especially our Digital Support Writers, for providing valuable feedback and content for the VIK.

VIK Announcement.pdf


Dear ELA Leaders –

Introducing the ELA Virtual Implementation Kit!

Join NCDPI ELA consultants for professional development on the new resources developed by NC educators for supporting the implementation of the 2017 standards. Participants will explore the resources and learn how to use them!

Please see the document below for more information!

Spring PD VIK Abstract.docx

NCDPI ELA Contact Information: