Girls in STEM: Getting and Keeping their Interest


This site will serve as a resource during the week of our NCCAT session and will remain available to you indefinitely.

(with thanks to Melissa for capturing them; Google Doc)


Thank you for posting your 3 P's so that we could get to know one another.


NCCAT is a fantastic opportunity to be reflective about your teaching practice. Throughout the week you will be asked to reflect on the topics discussed using Flipgrid.

Share Session Presentations

On our final evening, each person will give a 3-minute presentation. It is suggested that you use a free PowerPoint template from Slides Carnival, but other presentation tools are welcome as well. Your presentation should include what made the most impact for you this week and what you are working on as a result or what you will bring back with you. If your school or district asks for a report out of your time at NCCAT, this should be a ready made presentation for that purpose.