Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, NCCAE classes are all taught online through Zoom. The number one goal for NCCAE is to achieve the best possible educational results for our students, so NCCAE has the following guidelines for Teachers and Students/Parents regarding Zoom.

Guidelines for Teachers

  1. Zoom accounts will be shared with teachers before class. Please use the account only for NCCAE class during designed class time.

  2. Come prepared and be on Zoom at least 5 minutes before the start of class. Contact our academic directors if there are any issues.

  3. Teachers are required to keep their Zoom video on, showing their head-shot during the class.

  4. Teachers are required to ensure all students use their full name on Zoom and encourage students to turn on their video during class.

  5. If the teacher wants to record the class with the consent of their students, our school will provide the storage space and functionality to do so. Otherwise, no class recording will be required.

  6. Teachers are required to turn off private chat among students when create the zoom meeting.

Guidelines for Students/Parents

  1. Zoom meeting information for the class will be shared with parents before the class. Please use the meeting only for NCCAE class during designated class time.

  2. Come prepared and be on Zoom at least 3 minutes before the class starts. Contact school teachers/admins if there are any issues when joining.

  3. All students will be required to use their full name on Zoom and encouraged to keep their video on during class.

  4. During class, students need to mute their microphone. They will un-mute their microphones when needed or instructed by the teacher.

  5. All students who are younger than 13 years old need to fill the COPPA PARENTAL CONSENT FORM before the first class.