NCCAE Fall Session 2020 is now open for registration!


NCCAE Fall Classes are ready to register!

NCCAE has been attracting the attention of children and parents for years.

We offer a variety of online courses for everyone -- our programs cater to all ages and skill levels.

Courses in the fall session begin September 21st and end November 22nd.

The available courses include English, writing, programming, math, art, design, and many more. All the courses will be taught on-line.

For more info of the offered courses, please click the Courses tab.

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What Our Students Say

I especially like the courses NCCAE offers as the teachers are all really passionate about what they teach and are very knowledgeable in the field. The lessons are both challenging and fun at the same time! I would definitely recommend these classes to other people! - D Zheng

I learned a lot from the MathCounts classes. The teachers are well-prepared. The best thing to do it online is I can watched the class video again if I did not fully understand something on the class. The problems in MathCounts are very unique that is another level from what we learned form regular school. - Tang

Appreciate NCCAE offer such excellent online class during Coronavirus Pandemic stay at home time. I give 5 star to NCCAE - Mrs. Zhou

2020 Arts and Drawing Class Student work

Jaynie Chen


SHenhao Deng


Leo Tu


Ivy Zhao


Richelle Li


Allyson Yuan