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2020-2021 Virtual Meeting Supports

We plan to stay connected and keep the collaboration going by offering a variety of dates and times to log in and attend a behavior support meeting this year.

Behavior Support Meetings

Please use this link to register for the 20-21 Meetings.

Please use this link to log into the meeting. This same link will be used for both meeting dates.

April 22nd (12:30-3:30) April 30th (9:00-12:00)

Link to agenda for this meeting

Link to meeting slides

Meeting dates have changed due to scheduling conflicts with the IDEA trainings for directors. Please use this sign up link to register for a new date and time if your previously selected date has been changed.

Check out the dates and times for this springs Resilience and Learning webinar series

Voices of Black Creativity

FA with updated partners (1).pdf

Get the SCOOP on Managing Stress

NCSPA Virtual School Safety Summit

Make Your Mental Health a Priority

Schools and Social Inequality

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.) Toolkit | Department of Allied Health Sciences

This toolkit is a repository of resources and ideas offered to support all efforts to improve justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The hope is that this will be a living, responsive toolkit that can serve many people, at different points, in different ways. It is a work in progress that you can contribute to and shape (see submit feedback button below to submit suggestions). Leverage this toolkit to move forward: as individuals /in our work/ as a department/ as an institution/ in any community and beyond…

Answers to Common PRC29 Service Questions

How can we support our students who are doing online learning?

If the student has behavior goals in their IEP this replacement behavior must be addressed either online in the large group in a co-teaching situation or in a smaller Zoom session.Stay in contact with parents: Set up a communication schedule for check ins and follow ups. Build relationships with parents so they feel supported during this time.

More information:


Collaboration with Staff and Scheduling

We suggest behavior support staff work closely with classroom and EC staff to coordinate when they might join a groups session to support the student with a behavior goal. There may also be times when you might work one on one with a student or pull small groups of students together to work on a similar intervention.

Supporting teachers with engagement strategies and supports. Set up systematic times to meet with teachers who support our PRC29 students. Teachers will benefit from your expertise in building relationships, managing the learning environment and engaging all students in meaningful content. https://www.smore.com/cmvwg We are also suggesting as much pre planning/teaching as possible. Examples include; setting up clear expectations, helping students create a positive home work space, how to organize materials and set reminders for tasks and zoom meetings, etc.

Address suspensions policy/decisions - Determine the amount of time the student participates in a virtual in person platform( Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.) If there are times when students are being asked to not attend the virtual classroom is this being reported as a suspension? Collect data and look for patterns around these removals so behavior support staff can attend, teach and support changes in the virtual learning environment.

Schedule times with the teachers to determine how to address the behaviors. Explore options to provide direct instruction to the students. Discuss the modification of scheduling for the student(s).

How do we progress monitor the grant during remote learning?

These are unexpected times. The state departments understand that there may be some things that can not be addressed during a time when students and staff are away from their normal routines. We hope you will use this time to explore historical data, the root cause of behavior issues to teach new skills to both students and staff.

For more information to remote teaching Practices and Resources to Support Teachers

If your team has questions related to supporting students and families who request or need a FBA/BIP during remote learning check out this helpful doc.


January 7th &13th (9:00-12:00) &14th (12:30-3:30)

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SRSS Training Slides from Cleveland County.

Make Plans to Join our Community Of Practice

Thank you so much for participating in the Community of Practice this year. The community of practice will restart September 2021. Please use this link to add topics that you would like to see addressed.

Community of Practice Topics

Join the conversation the first Tuesday of every month at 3:00. Starting in October the behavior support team invites those working with students with significant behavior and mental health issues the opportunity to collaborate, network and problem solve around a of variety issues, current events or to simply ask questions. Each months topic will be posted on this page. Click link and join the conversation at 3PM

Resources from October 6th Meeting

Resources from December 1st meeting

March 2nd SEL Resources and Integration

2020-2021 PRC 29 Data Dates

Entrance/Exit Tool, Behavior Self Assessment and Suspension data is Due:

October 31st January 31st April 30th June 15th

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