Celebrating 125 Years of the NC-ACS!

Welcome to the North Carolina Local Section of the American Chemical Society.

We are a scientific society dedicated to supporting scientific inquiry in the field of chemistry. Our section was founded in 1896 and is the oldest section in the South. Our founding fathers recognized the importance of being a resource to our community, supporting the advancement of chemistry and the importance of involvement at the local level. Our membership is diverse with an opportunity to connect no matter where you are in your career.

Writing Safety Statements in Publications Half-Day Workshop

Date: Monday, Sept 27, 2021

Time: 1:00-4:30PM EDT

Link to Register - Free Workshop

The ACS now requires that authors include a statement of safety concerns in manuscripts submitted to ACS journals. The 2020 edition of the ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication, section 1.3 (Communicating Safety Information) provides guidelines to developing appropriate information for scholarly communication, but there are no complete examples provided, only excerpts. Furthermore, the chapter provides only information—it cannot impart the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the instructions in the section. The purpose of this workshop is to put into practice the guidelines for writing effective safety statements based on the science and the intended audience using risk assessment.

Presented by: Sammye Sigmann, Leah McEwen, Daniel Kuespert

ACS Virtual Career Day

Inspiring Women In Chemistry: Career Conversations Driven by Pfizer

Date: Tuesday, Sept 28, 2021

Time: 11:30am to 4:15pm

Event Website

Details -

Interact with notable scientists at @Pfizer and ACS Career Consultants during a FREE half-day #ACSVirtualCareerDay for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the advancement of women in the chemical sciences on Tuesday, September 28. Keynote and panel discussions will cover career planning, breakthrough science, and advocating for a healthy work-life balance. Register for free today! https://bit.ly/3Efvn1Y

Science Café: The Chemistry and Craft of Bread Making

Co-hosted with American Chemical Society Greater Houston Section (ACS-GHS)

Date: Thursday, Sept 30, 2021

Time: 7-8PM EDT

Link to Register: Zoom Webinar

Summary - The process of making bread is full of science, from the microorganisms that perform fermentation in the dough, to the stretching of gluten during kneading, to the physics of the bubbles that form in the dough. This talk will give an overview of this science, with a focus on places in the bread-making process where bakers can look to improve their loaves. We'll cover the relationship between fermentation time and flavor, what happens during kneading (and during "no-kneading"), tips to make a home oven behave like a bakery oven, and more.

Speaker Bio - Emily Jane Buehler completed graduate school in chemistry and worked six years as a bread baker before realizing she wanted to be a writer. Her first book, Bread Science, explores the science and craft of baking bread. Her second book, Somewhere and Nowhere, is a memoir of a bicycle trip from New Jersey to Oregon that explores the benefits of living in the present moment. Emily currently writes romantic fiction. She is also a freelance copyeditor. She teaches bread-making classes and continues to travel by bicycle.

125th Anniversary T-shirts Available

Celebrate 125 years of the NC ACS with a free t-shirt.

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2021 Local Section Meeting (virtual) - Nov 10th

Date: Nov 10, 2021

Time: 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Registration: Eventbrite link

Virtual poster session:

As part of our tradition, we will have a virtual poster session for our members, post-doctoral fellows as well as graduate, undergraduate and high school students. To help plan for this event, we would like to receive your poster titles by October 15th, 2021. Please email your full titles to ochristi@nccu.edu. The specific instructions for the virtual poster sessions will be sent to all participants.

Distinguished Speaker for 2021 -

Professor Alexander J. M. Miller, Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will present a lecture “Mechanism-Guided Development of Molecular Catalysts for Synthetic Fuels”

Call for Poster Judge Volunteers -

In addition, we are seeking some volunteers to serve as judges for award of prizes for the posters. Please email me at ochristi@nccu.edu volunteer for this important role.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our annual meeting.

Calls for Volunteers

  • The following committees are looking for additional local members:

    • Younger Chemist Committee (YCC)

    • Womens Chemist Committee (WCC)

    • Senior Chemists (SCC)