Nautical Creations

About us

We are a South-African fursuit and cosplay maker

Nautical Creations is dedicated full-time to the design and manufacture of fursuits where attention to detail, quality, durability and wearablity of each unique creations is our top priority.

Our distinctive creations have been featured at cosplay events like COMIC-CON AFRICA, GEEKFEST, and RAGE as well as other events all around South Africa.

Nautical Creations was started in 2017 by Morne Lubbe, who has National Diploma in jewellery design and manufacture obtained though the University of Johannesburg. Morne gave up life behind a jewellers bench in 2020 to focus on the design and manufacture of fursuits.


Second place intermediate division in Randshow 2019 Cosplay Contest

First place in Construction Division at Geekfest 2018 Cosplay Contest

Featured Commissions

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"...Blood, sweat and tears go into every piece..." - Nicole Beyers (former client)

Countdown to next creation

Commissions are always open.

The turnaround time from concept to delivery can take anything between one and eight months; this could take longer if the character is particularly complex or unexpected delays are encountered.