Nature Links:

Blue Hill,Maine

Nature Links has begun our Blue Hill Maine program/s. We serve young adults (post high school until their early forties) - who are neurologically diverse yet have unique skills. Most need more regular activities and friends and we are organized to create events and continuing education based around the natural world.

First, we are having students and parents regularly attend the Simmering Pot at the Congregational Church Mondays from 4 to 6 pm. We have discussion, eat dinner (for free or $3), and play games.

We envision our weekday program - to be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10-2 at the Performance Hall of the Bagaduce Music Lending Library, 49 South St in Blue Hill.

We will also be starting monthly COmmunity Dinners at South Blue Hill's Central Hall later in May 2019. Students will be engaged in plannind and cooking a great meal, organizing entertainment and exhibits and gradually involving more and more of the community in our dinners as the summer progresses.

We need eight students from the Peninsula to start our regular weekday program.

To join, and for more information, contact Dr. Gregory Bush by cell at 305-926-5001 or email at He (and others) started the program in Miami Florida back in 2007 (which continues) and he (along with other parents and students) are expanding the program to the Blue HIll Peninsula. See what Nature Links has been up to in our Miami program as well at

We also want to spread news about state and federal benefits to the public. We have found that many people find the system to be so complex that they are unaware of many of the available benefits. We want to help in that process - as we ourselves learn about it all - and as the state is changing policies.

Towards that end, attend our forthcoming May progam (below) is part of the new Blue Hill Public Issues Forum.

Date: May 8, 2019 from 6:30-8 pm at the Howard Room at the Blue Hill Public Library:

Topic: ‘Invisible Americans' Among Us? The Rights and Needs of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities"

Attending will be local and state officials including the state director of Vocational Rehabilitation, Libby Stone-Sterling as well as Lisa Sturtevant of DHHS, and director Ann Sargent of Adult Education of Ellsworth. Parents and providers will discuss the need for new types of programs and better access to information about public benefits.

On Wednesday February 6th we had our first gathering of the Nature Links Blue Hill Program at the Bagaduce Performance Hall. We had some good discussion, got to know each other a bit, spoke about forthcoming activities and watched a portion of a DVD with some provocative images that stimulated interesting conversation between us about C0 2, acidification of the oceans, climate change and how we might think about the subject.

Below is a disturbing still shot from the video which is entitled Racing Extinction. What you see below are shark fins- particularly popular in Asia for soup - that are decimating the shark population around the world. The video is well worth watching and leads to important questions about what we can all do to address the problems of CO2 and related concerns, a subject we will address again. We are starting to plan some joint projects as well.

Sunday fresh pizzas made with the help of Chef Kathy Pelletier. Yum!

Benefits Information for Neurologically Diverse Young Adults:

A 502(c)3 non profit organization, Nature Links is beginning operations in Maine with a weekday program that will:

-Create periodic social events, local travel, and integrated learning opportunities with other area students, seniors and volunteers.

-Collaborate with other organizations to better address the needs of an overlooked population whose civil rights have long been ignored.

-Our mission is to foster creative approaches to enhance greater independence, job training and volunteer opportunities for richer social lives.

-We seek students with minimal behavioral problems, who (generally) have graduated from high school, and are able to take preiodic day trips.

-Many of our students are on the autism spectrum or possess other intellectual disabilities- or are neuro-diverse folks. Yet all have unique abilities that need to be expanded and integrated with others.

Our home location will be in Blue Hill - though we expect to travel to different locations around the area- such as Deer Isle, Schoodic Point and MDI, Belfast, and Bangor and beyond.

To inquire about being a potential student or get involved as a volunteer or donor in helping us expand our Maine program/s contact the President of Nature Links, Dr. Gregory Bush at or call 305-926-5001.

Nature Links Encourages Healthy Relationships, the values of work and service to others

We Help Empower our students

We promote independent life skills - like money, work and social skills, personal expression, and appreciation of the natural world.

Nature Links has helped forge numerous friendships and educational cohorts - growing and learning together.

Nature Links Miami students engaged in a garden project with Thi Squire at Homesteads Baptist South Hospital.

It was part of our Urban Explorers program - also involving transportation training, gardening, and exploration of Biscayne Bay, art projects and videography.

What is this and why is it unique to the Blue Hill area?

How do you react to this image?

Nature Links Mask Project

Nature Links students in Miami produced creative videos (now online), have taken trips to the Everglades, the Metro Zoo, restaurants, museums, boat trips - all the while expanding their horizons about.

Nature Links: Maine will create a compelling curriculum based on such natural attributes as the sea, wildlife, arts and crafts, healthy food, independent life skills, and enhancing our students social skills.

We encourage input into our curriculum and part time volunteer instructors.