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Transform your listening experience with high-quality audio products from Nature Coast Electronics

Vacuum tube amplifiers designed by Nature Coast Electronics are characterized by a refined musicality and naturalness, with a wide soundstage. Our amplifiers provide an immersive and natural listening experience, with excellent resolution and detail retrieval, without being overly analytical or harsh.

Services Offered:

All amplifiers and loudspeaker systems are custom designed and manufactured by Nature Coast Electronics using all high quality components rated for long life.

Customer input is encouraged. Cabinet colors and wood finishes can be provided to the customers specifications. 

Customer Comments:

"The sound, coupled with the dead quiet background noise, was highly dynamic and conveyed an effortless sense of accurate imaging and enormous soundstage. I was simply shocked at the performance of this unit and its pinpoint imaging throughout the listing area."

"If you are considering an SET amplifier, I would highly encourage you to give this amplifier a try, it is very well constructed, competitively priced, and simply sounds terrific! In fact, I enjoyed this SET amp so much that I decided to have Scott build me a duplicate 2nd unit; what more can be said!!"

- Chris, Florida

"Recently took a chance and purchased this tube amp from Scott. WOW ! so glad that i did, This amp is phenomenal, Better than my 8k Luxman tube amp (MQ88). Dead quiet, amazing control, best midrange of any amp. This is pure magic, do yourself and your ears a favor and purchase one of Scott's amps. A true hidden gem. THANK YOU Scott !" - Ken, Pennsylvania

"Astonishing to jazz to classical and my turntable was silent I’m so amazed that this much sound is filling my room; I have compared this to my $7,500.00 Triode Labs amplifier and it is just right there; I’m going to let some of my friends in on this secret amp that is so well built, and I love the control it has over my bass" - Mike, New York

"Now my system sounds so life like. Just like the old jazz clubs we use to have around here. I'm very impressed." - John, Ohio

"I thought the amplifier sounded great ( actually super ). It sounded very musical ( i.e. very natural ), Very easy to listen to. The music was transparent and had a great soundstage. The best I have heard these songs on my horn speakers. Vocals were the clearest I have ever heard." - Graham, Queensland, Australia

"What an amazing tube amp this is! Exceptional build quality. Bass is punchy and clean. Midrange presentation is warm and fluid but never syrupy. 5 stars all around." - Scott, Utah

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About Nature Coast Electronics:

I have been in the electronics and communications industry since 1974. Former business owner and systems engineer for a large international firm designing communications infrastructure primarily for international airports. I am now retired and design/build custom vacuum tube based high fidelity audio equipment, musical instrument amplifiers and high-sensitivity speaker systems. I will also contract to build any hi-fi or guitar amplifier kit, provide all testing and verification, and send you the completed project. 

All products are hand-built and tested right here in Citrus County on the Florida Nature Coast. Beautiful and peaceful place to visit, and it's the "Manatee Capital of the World"! If you are in the area, please contact me to arrange for a demonstration of our amplifiers and loudspeaker systems.

Alternate Contact Information:

email: thermionics<at>gmx<dot>com                    

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