Tsunami and Tornado Illustration Demo Show Case

Project Objective is to create a demo show case to show how tornado and tsunami is form and also illustration the impact on these nature disaster.

This is what we simulate the natural disaster demonstration and illustration room for an international school in Malaysia.

The room consists of 'How Tsunami is formed', 'Tsunami impact', 'The video clips to show major tsunami that happened recently',' How to form water tornado' and 'its impact and power'. User is able to control the path of tornado.


The graphic user interface that appears on a 40" TV screen.

The first button is to trigger simulation Tsunami

Second button is to start the video clip that show formation of Tsunami

Third button is video clip that show India Ocean 2004 Tsunami

(1 minute)

Fourth button is to trigger video clip that show Japan Tsunami on 2011

( 1 minute)

Tsunami Japan 2011.mp4

Research.. Testing and implementing...

make wave.mp4

Research that we did for how to create a effective tsunami with higher wave.

This concept uses the water in the theme park where by they use this concept to create wave for visitor to play on that.

Research on how to create powerful tornado. We used high power motor that required 10A to make powerful tornado inside water.

And we use 2 stepper motors to control in x and y axis. So that the tornado is able to move according to what we control.

One knob to adjust the power of the Tornado. With this knob, kids are able to observe how the tornado is form and its impact.


A simple cut out design to develop the base of the volcano and a towel for earthquake effect comparison.

We created and installed 4.0m long acrylic tank for simulation of Tsunami. Beside the document is the drawing and its cut out design.

Making of Tsunami.mp4

Making of Tsunami