Natural Ways To Remineralize Teeth


This article is strictly on how to help your tooth enamel become strong again. And the good thing about these ways is that they are natural ways that will cost you close to nothing. A tooth enamel is one of the four major tissues, found in humans, that makes up the normal visible part of a tooth which covers the crown. It is the hardest, often white or off-white mineralized substance in the human body. In humans, the thickness of enamel varies over the surface of the tooth.It is often up to at the cusp and thinnest at its border with the cementum at the cemento enamel junction.

The tooth enamel acts as a barrier to protect the tooth but is vulnerable to damage especially from acids in foods and drinks. While the tooth is developing within the gum, enamel is formed on the tooth before it shoots up into the mouth. After it has been formed, it does not contain nerves or blood vessels.

Teeth remineralization is defined as a natural process which takes place in the oral cavity. In this process, calcium and phosphate ions are sourced to promote the deposit of ion into crystal voids in demineralized enamel. It helps to manage or prevent the spread of disease and decay within the oral cavity. The process of remineralization also helps to restore strength and function within the tooth structure. At this point, it is important to state that the opposite of remineralization is demineralization.

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How can tooth remineralize? Teeth remineralization can be achieved by taking the following steps;

1. Diet: You may be wondering what has diet got to do with tooth remineralization. However studies have shown that bacteria excreting acids as a product of their metabolism of carbohydrates leads to demineralization. So, to achieve remineralization, the intake of carbohydrates in your diet needs to be extremely reduced. You should also pay attention to foods that are rich in calcium and low in acids and sugar, vegetables and fresh fruits. In other words when the question, how can tooth remineralize?, pops up, the first thing our mind should go to is diet as a natural way.

2. Xylitol: which is also known as sugar alcohol is a natural sweetener. Since bacteria producing acid is the primary cause of demineralization, Xylitol restrains the production of acid thereby promoting remineralization.

In fact, researches have proven that Xylitol reduces mutan streptococci in plaque and saliva reduce its binding to the enamel pellicle. It is also a good way of reducing acid production.

Xylitol is contained in products like chewing gums and lozenges. Chewing a gum with Xylitol will cause an increase in the flow of saliva thereby increasing the calcium content in the saliva, making teeth remineralization occur.

3. Homemade remineralizing toothpaste:

You can remineralize your teeth without having to spend much by using your own homemade remineraizing toothpaste:

•4 tablespoons coconut oil.

•2 tablespoons baking soda (aluminium free).

•1 tablespoon Xylitol.

•20 drops peppermint.

•20 drops trace minerals.

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