Natural Hair Regrowth

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo: anti-hair loss and baldness

With aging, more and more hair losses and quietly bald? For some men, it is a real nightmare, partly because it marks the end of your childhood, even if you feel so young. Your hair is an important part of your face and therefore also of your personality and image. If you become more skinny, it seems as if you literally and figuratively lose your feathers. Yet you do not have to despair if you suffer from hair loss: there are plenty of remedies for baldness on the market that can slow down the whole process, so you can enjoy a nice hair for a long time. One of those remedies is the Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo that ensures that the damaging effects of testosterone on the hair roots are inhibited. In what way can shampoo with caffeine counteract hair loss? how to stop hair fall and grow new hair?

Hair loss and baldness

Baldness is a phenomenon that mainly affects men as they get older. The "androgenetic alopecia" stands for the gradual withdrawal of the hair so that striking baldness can be detected. Hair loss in men usually manifests for the first time at the temples and at the top of the forehead. Also on top of the head, a clearly larger bald spot is noticeable in the beginning. After that, the baldness spreads further over the head until only some hair is visible in the vicinity of the ears and the back of the head.

Natural Hair Regrowth

Becoming bald: hereditary

This process of negative influence of DHT testosterone on the hair roots will become stronger over time and more and more hair roots will turn off. This will gradually make you barer without a sudden transition: the hair loss will initially be barely visible but will ultimately be unmistakable. The hereditary predisposition to hair loss , which amounts to a hypersensitivity of the hair roots to the male hormone testosterone, makes fathers and sons often bald in a very similar way. If your father has become more and more bald around his thirty-fifth, chances are that you too will start to be bald as a son around that age, unless you do something about it.

Caffeine against hair loss

Because there are indeed funds against hair loss on the market that slow down the entire process of baldness. Scientific research has shown that caffeine counteracts the negative effects of testosterone on the hair roots. Thanks to the effect of caffeine, hair roots can last longer and the entire process of aging is slowed down. This braking of the hair loss is only possible with a very regular treatment of the scalp with a shampoo containing caffeine. An example of such a shampoo is Alpecin Caffeine .

Natural Hair Regrowth
Natural Hair Regrowth

Reduce baldness

The well-known German company for hair care products Alpecin has launched a shampoo that provides extra care for men's hair and at the same time slows down the baldness. The Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo offers the advantage that its active ingredient caffeine counteracts hair loss and thus promotes hair growth.

Effect of caffeine

Due to the action of caffeine while washing the hair, the harmful effect of testosterone on the hair roots is prevented. This has as a consequence that you become bald less quickly. While the shampoo is being rinsed, the caffeine continues to exert its action on the scalp for about two minutes. With a single wash with Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, a quantity of caffeine ends up on the scalp, which corresponds to about a fifth of a cup of coffe