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Long, full Eyelashes without Wearing false Eyelashes

Not everyone is blessed with seductive, long lashes. You have them or you do not have them. Yet there are ways to make your eyelashes appear long and full without wearing false eyelashes. With a good eyelash curler, suitable mascara, a good application technique and fibers you come a long way. Idol Lash Herbal Eyebrow Grow In this article several tricks to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller. Visit HerbalsDaily Website...

Long eyelashes

Long, full eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity in many cultures. Kohlpotlood has been worn since the Bronze Age (3000 to 800 BC), to make the eyes appear larger. Kohl pencil was also worn in ancient Egypt. Yet not everyone is blessed with long eyelashes. Thus Asians do not have long eyelashes of their own. In this article some tricks to optically enlarge your eye.

Eyelash curler: curls of eyelashes

If you want to have an open look, it is advisable to curl your eyelashes with a so-called eyelash curler . This should preferably be made of metal. But what is the best eyelash curler? Although the eyelash curlers are often very similar, they are not all the same. They can vary in width and roundness, making them more suitable for one eye than for the other. So you can try different cheap eyelash curlers. If you want a good that is suitable for almost all eyes, go for a slightly more expensive one. The eyelash curlers of Shiseido and Shu Uemura have been voted the best eyelash curlers. These are also very suitable for Asian eyes.


For best results, it is advisable to pre- heat your eyelash curler in advance with a hair dryer. Be careful that you first test it on your hand, otherwise you can easily burn. Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara, otherwise the lashes easily stick to the tongs. This makes them easy to pull out. Hold the eyelash curler on both eyelashes for half a minute.

Kind of mascara

Many commercials let you believe that your lashes can be extended ten times. Do not go too far on this. Mascara is really just a black paint, which can not prolong your eyelashes. By applying many layers it may seem that your lashes are longer. Therefore, apply several layers of mascara if desired . Do not exaggerate; this allows the mascara to clump.

When you curl your eyelashes, and you want to keep the curl, there is one important thing the mascara has to meet. He must be waterproof . Waterproof mascara is a kind of paint on an oil base making it much harder and drier than a regular mascara. As a result, the curl will not collapse in your eyelashes. Non-waterproof mascaras are on a water basis . These mascaras actually make your eyelashes wet by the moisture they contain, causing the curl to sink back. Do not forget to wear waterproof mascara too often. Alternate it with a regular mascara. Waterproof mascara is very persistent and difficult to remove. The eyelashes can therefore easily break off.

Applying Mascara

Apply the mascara from the root of eyelash, not just on the dots. Make a zigzag movement with the brush so that the mascara comes on both sides of the hairs. Repeat this several times if desired. Best eyelash care Product that work

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Fibers or Fibers

A relatively new product on the market are fibers or fibers to extend your eyelashes. You use this in combination with a regular mascara. These fibers are tiny polyester hairs. When you apply a layer of mascara, you can apply a few fibers at the end of each hair. When you apply mascara again, the hair will be extended with these fibers. This gives your eyelashes a real false-eyelash effect. These fibers are available at a beauty store such as Douglas or on the Internet. One brand that sells these fibers is for example Talika . Also with the Tweezerman Fast Lashare good results. Note that these fibers are not suitable for lens wearers or people with very sensitive eyes.

If you have super short straight eyelashes yourself, it is impossible to get meters-long lashes. Yet you come a long way with these tricks. Good luck.