Flaming Gorge

National Recreation Area


Wyoming / Utah

Established: October 22, 1963

  • Administrative agreement with the Dept. of Reclamation

NPS Withdrawal: October 1, 1968

  • Act of Congress

U.S. Forest Service

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaming_Gorge_National_Recreation_Area

www.aflitt.com: http://www.aflitt.com/FlamingGorgeNRA

Consistent with a departmental policy of reducing joint administrations, the USNPS withdrew in 1968, and the USFS administers the entire area today... The former USNPS portion, north of the Unita Mountains, is characterized by rolling sagebrush rangelands sloping gently west from the shore of the reservoir, and by more abrupt relief to the east. The picturesque Firehole Canyon is part of this area. Campground and boat launch facilities were developed by the USNPS at several sites, including Lucerne Valley on the western shore and Antelope Flat on the eastern. -- Alen K. Hogenauer, Gone, But Not Forgotten: The Delisted Units of the U. S. National Park System