Marine National Monuments & Sanctuaries

Originally, setting up this site, I wasn't sure how much material I would end up with on the marine monuments, so I just made one page for all of them. As I near the end of this first phase of this project, I realize that I have plenty of material available to justify each of these monuments having their own page.

For simplicity's sake, and a rapidly approaching deadline to meet my initial goals (one post for each of the 27), I am not running back to fix links in old posts, so I will keep this page up for now, redirecting visitors to the new pages.

Of course, there's also that link to the excellent National Geographic article at the bottom of the page. That justifies keeping this page even after all the links are fixed!

Marianas Trench

Northeast Canyons and Seamounts

Pacific Remote Islands


Rose Atoll

I'll admit... Maybe I was not taking these monuments as seriously as the others. However, while working on those posts, I learned a lot about them and the issues involved with them. They are every bit as important as the "land" monuments, and in just as much danger as the monuments being threatened in the Continental U. S.

The February 2017 issue of National Geographic contained a great article on these monuments (see link below), and it was the first time I learned anything about them. The article provides a fantastic overview of all of the monuments below. It is a shame that only a few weeks after this article was published, these monuments were facing elimination.

National Marine Sanctuaries and Marine National Monuments Under Review Pursuant to EO 13795, Sec. 4(b)

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary



May 24, 2007

9,600 acres

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary



March 12, 2015

484,480 acres

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary



March 12, 2015

1,288,320 acres

Marianas Trench Marine National Monument

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands/Pacific Ocean


January 6, 2009

60,938,240 acres

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary



November 20, 2008

496,000 acres

National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa

American Samoa


July 26, 2012

8,691,840 acres

Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument

Atlantic Ocean


September 15, 2016

3,114,320 acres

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument

Pacific Ocean

Designation; Expansion

January 6, 2009; September 25, 2014

55,608,320 acres

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument



August 26, 2016

283,379,840 acres

Rose Atoll Marine National Monument

American Samoa


January 6, 2009

8,608,640 acres

All of Rose Atoll Marine National Monument is contained within National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa.

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary



September 5, 2014

2,465,280 acres