Virgin Islands

National Park

U. S. Virgin Islands (St. John Island)

Established: August 2, 1956

14,737 acres

Annual Visitors: 411,343 (2016)

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From Wikipedia:

In 1956, Laurance Rockefeller's Jackson Hole Preserve donated its extensive lands on the island to the United States' National Park Service, under the condition that the lands had to be protected from future development. The remaining portion, the Caneel Bay Resort, operates on a lease arrangement with the NPS, which owns the underlying land.

The boundaries of the Virgin Islands National Park include 75% of the island, but various in-holdings within the park boundary (e.g., Peter Bay, Maho Bay) reduce the park lands to 60% of the island acreage.

Much of the island's waters, coral reefs, and shoreline have been protected by being included in the national park. This protection was expanded in 2001, when the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument was created.


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