Joint Ventures

Zueitina Oil Company

Based on the frozen assets of Occidental International in 1986 and in compliance with the regulations of the General People's Committee Decision No. 351/1986, dated on Ramadan 24/1395 (June I, 1986), Zueitina Oil Company was incorporated as a Libyan owned Company with a mandate to carry out the whole range of oil operations at the provided areas in accordance with the concession contracts which are subjected to the Joint and Sharing Agreements made between the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Occidental International, American, and OMV Libya Ltd. of Austria.

After the termination of the frozen period and the return of partners, EPSA 4 Agreement was signed on 23 June 2008.

Oil Sharing Fields:

  • Field 29 ج
  • Zelha Field
  • Sabah Field
  • Fda & hakim Field

Oil Participation Field:

It consists of nine fields: 103A, B, C, D, E, Giza, L, N, R, as well as the N / C 171 and Muhairaka fields of the National Oil Corporation and the Sahabi field of the Gulf Company. Fields 103a and 103d are the main fields.

Company Ports:

  • Zueitina Oil Field (consists of the following main units):

1. Oil Movement Unit

2. Gas Plant

3. Department of Marine


Mellitah Oil & Gas Company B.V

Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V Libyan Branch was established by General Peoples Committee Resolution No. 253 for the year 2008 issued on 21/04/2008 in accordance to an agreement concluded between the National Oil Corp. and Eni North Africa on 16/10/2007. This Agreement stipulates on amalgamation of the assets and activities of both Eni Oil and Mellitah Gas, to start effective as of 01/01/2008.

The NOC also signed on 30/10/2008, an Agreement of Shareholders upon which Mellitah Oil & Gas is assigned to manage and operate the Oil Operations of the Concessions signed on 12/06/2008.

Company activity:

1. Oil Division (Company Sites)

  • Abu Ab-Attifel oil field{ Contract area B (concession 100) }
  • Remal field and crude oil production stations {Contract Area A (concession 82)}
  • El-Feel oil Field {Contract area (concession 174)}
  • Bouri Oil Field

Production: 30,000 barrel/day

Location: Located in the Libyan waters, about 120 km northwest of Tripoli

2. Gas Division (Company Sites)

  • Baher essalam field (Sabratha Platform)
  • Wafa Desert
  • Mellitah Complex


Waha Oil Company

Waha Oil Company is one of the largest companies operating in the field of oil and gas exploration and production in Libya and dates back to 1955, when it was established under the name (Oasis Oil Inc. of Libya) as an operating company for three US companies (ConocoPhillips, Marathon and Amirada) to carry out oil exploration, production and export. And gas in Libya.

Company Sites:

  • Waha Field

Production: 140,000 barrel/day

Location: ٍSirte Basin

  • Gialo Field (59)

Production: 130,000 barrel/day

Location: located in the eastern of Sirte Basin

  • Samah Field

Production: 40,000 barrel/day

Location: located in the south of mezda

  • Fareg Field

Production: 15,000 barrel/day, 70 million cubic feet of Gas, 15,000 barrels of condensate.

Location: Located 60 Km of southwest of Gialo field

  • Dahra Field

Production: 120,000 barrel/day

Location: Located southwest of Sirte.


Mabruk Oil Operations

Mabruk Oil Operations is one of the oil companies operating on behalf of NOC (National Oil Corporation ) & Total E&P. Mabruk Oil Operations activities are based on the model of an operating company with core business activities focused in oil/gas fields’ development and production; this is widely practiced in Libya.

Company Fields:

  • Mabruk Field

Production: 17,000 barrel/day

Location: Located 170 Km to the south of Sirte

  • Al Jurf Field

Production: 35,000 barrel/day.

Location: 100 km off the coast and 150 km from Tripoli .


Harouge Oil Operations

The origin of Harouge Oil Operations (previously “Veba Oil Operations”) can be traced back to 1955, when Mobil Oil began its exploration in Libya. Due to the large investments involved in exploration and development, Mobil Oil signed a contract with the German Company Gelsenbrg AG (which later was renamed) to “Veba Oil Libya”) to share its exploration and production rights and obligations.

Today, in 2009, Harouge Oil Operations develops and produces petroleum from five of the contract areas with more than 20 fields.

Company Fields:

  • Amal Field

Production: 400,000 barrel/day.

Location: Located in the Sirte basin.

  • Farigh Field

Production: 15,000 barrel/day, 70 million cubic feet of Gas, 15,000 barrels of condensate.

Location: Located 60 Km of southwest of Gialo field

  • Ghani Field:

Production: 74,000 barrel/day.

Location: Located in the western Sirte basin.

  • Tibisti Field:

Production: 70,000 barrel/day.

Location: Located in the central area of the Sirte basin.

  • En naga Field:

Production: 10,000 barrel/day.

Location: located in the southeaster tip of the Sirte basin.

Company Terminal:

  • Ras lanuf Terminal: There are 3 main pipelines which feed the 13 oil storage tanks which are located at an altitude of approximately 100 m above sea level and offer a capacity of 6.5 million barrels of oil.

Location: located at the gulf of Sirt on the North Africa coast

Akakus Oil Operations

Oil production and accompanying oil services.

Nafusah Oil Operations B.V

Nafusah Oil Operation B.V was established in 18/03/2013 as Joint Operating Company between the National Oil Corporation and Indonesia’s PT Medco Energi International to act as the operator for development and production phases of the Contract Area 47 according to the EPSA agreement.

Company Activity:

A full-scale development plan with total oil production is expected to be created at 50,000 equivalent barrels of oil.