1. National Oil Corporation (NOC) is implementing the Oil Marketing Diploma Program in cooperation with the accredited agent of Notting Hill College.

National Oil Corporation (NOC), in cooperation with the Early Age Center for Training and Free Education (Notting Hill College), has implemented the Oil Marketing Diploma Program for NOC's International Marketing Department.

This program came to raise the efficiency and skills of management users and gain the necessary expertise to go into global experiences and identify different markets in the oil field in addition to how to benefit from these experiences to develop from the work of the institution and leadership in oil marketing.

It is worth mentioning that the National Oil Corporation is unique in conducting this global training experience with the British College of Notting Hill according to updates to all the details of the training program according to the latest development for 2019.

The Foundation calculates the localization of the international programs locally and without exorbitant costs for such programs and is the pioneer in its implementation locally and regionally.