Fully Owned

Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO)

Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) is an oil company based in Benghazi, Libya, engaged in crude oil and natural gas exploration, production and refining. It’s a subsidiary of state-owned National Oil Corporation (NOC).

AGOCO'S roots goes back to 1971 when the Arabian Gulf Exploration Company (AGECO) was established, following the implementation of Law No. 115, nationalizing shares held by British Petroleum (BP).

AGOCO was reformed by NOC in late 1979 to take over the assets of a partnership of BP and Nelson Bunker Hunt of the United States, and a partnership of Chevron and Texaco called Amoseas.

Company sites:

  1. Sarir oil field
  • Production: 225 thousand barrels/day
  • Location: sirte basin

2. Masla oil Field

  • Production: 100 thousand barrels/day
  • Location: located 500 km southeast of benghazi

3. maged oil field

  • Production: 4,000 barrels/day
  • Location: located 240 km south of ajdabiya

4. Nafoora oil field

  • Production: 35,000 barrels/day
  • Location: located between ojala & ahskara oasis

5. Hamada oil field

  • Production: 10,000 barrels/day
  • Location: located 400 km south of Tripoli

6. Beda oil field

  • Production: 12,000 barrels/day
  • Location: located south of murada area

7. sinawon oil field

  • Production: 2,000 barrels/day
  • Location: west of Tripoli (near ghadames)

Company Refinery:

  1. Sarir Refinery
  • Capacity: 10,000 barrels/day
  • Products: gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and other

2. Tobruk Refinery

  • Capacity: 20,000 barrels/day
  • Products: Diesel (heavy - light), nafta, fuel oil, cooking gas

Company port:

  1. Elhariga port

Located in Tubrok city, it has two jetties for shipping crude oil from Sarir and Messla oil fields.



Brega Oil Marketing Company

Brega Oil Marketing Company is a Libyan subsidiary of the Libyan National Oil Corporation. Its main activities are the marketing of oil and related products. The company was established in 1971. It is the only company responsible in Libya for marketing oil derivatives such as gasoline, gas and others.

Company warehouses:

  • (12) warehouse for the storage and handling of oil derivatives, namely: (Tripoli warehouse - corner warehouse - Janzour warehouse - Misurata warehouse - Ras al-Minaqar warehouse - Sabha warehouse - Tobruk warehouse - Marsa Brega warehouse - Bed warehouse - Tobruk gas warehouse - Al-Hani warehouse - Bin warehouse Jaber)
  • (5) Aviation Fuel Depots in (Tripoli Airport - Mitiga Airport - Penina Airport - Sabha Airport - Kufra Airport)
  • (4) aviation fuel facilities systems in (Mataratart - Abraq Airport - Ghadames Airport - Ghat Airport)

The marinas of the company:

  • (4) of the maritime berths (reef pier - Misurata pier - Ras al-Minaqar pier - Tobruk pier)


  • (217) tow truck and (80) trailers

Oil lines:

(631) km of oil lines linking between different operating sites

Supply ships:

The company is also engaged in the activity of supplying ships with fuel through the sea ports extending from Zawara port in the west and to Tobruk port in the east.


  • Liquefied Petroleum gas (bulk - cylinders)
  • Gasoline 95
  • Household kerosene
  • Aviation kerosene
  • Gasoline for aviation
  • Diesel
  • Heavy fuel oil
  • Industrial oils
  • regular & industrial greases
  • Products of factory water tables & chillers



Raslanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company (RASCO)

Ra's Lanuf is a topping and reforming oil refinery. It became operational in 1984 and produces an estimated 220,000 bbl/d (35,000 m3/d). It is a simple hydroskimming refinery, but its products meet market specifications due to high quality crude oil. Rasco produces fuel oil, gas oil, Liquefied petroleum gas, naphtha and kerosene.

The complex currently includes the following production units:

  • Refinery
  • Ethylene Plant
  • Polyethylene plant
  • Polymerization handling system
  • The port



Jowfe Oil Technology

JOWFE was established by the General People’s Committee Resolution No. 577 of 1983 on 28/7/1983, for the purpose of carrying out all physical and legal work directly or indirectly related to the manufacture and import of chemicals, tools and equipment for drilling and other related services in field of oil and gas, which are wholly owned by the NOC.

The company’s activity is based on services in the field of oil and gas from the manufacture, marketing and engineering of chemical materials, oil equipment and equipment for oil and general chemical industries and is staffed by a crew of most of e national elements with technical and scientific qualifications and then invest in them by raising efficiency according to training programs that allow the JOWFE to compete with international companies in the field.

Company Services:

  • Surface equipment
  • Grinding particulate plant
  • Subsurface equipment's
  • Drilling fluids engineering
  • Salt plant
  • Lost circulation materials
  • Mud logging
  • Liquid products plant
  • specialty chemical services

Company Products:

  • Drilling fluids products
  • Specialty chemicals



Sirte oil & Gas Production & Processing

Is one of the national oil companies wholly owned by the National Oil Corporation is headquartered in Marsa Brega, about two hundred and forty kilometers west of Benghazi The company is engaged in activities related to the exploration, production and manufacture of oil.

Company sites:

  • Nasser (Zelten)

Production: 30,000 barrels/day

Location: Located 170 km south of the port of brega

  • Raguba

Production: 5,000 barrels/day

Location: murada basin

  • Lehib (Dor Marada)

Production: 10,000 barrels/day

Location: located 135 km south of brega

  • Jebel
  • Wadi
  • Ralah
  • Arshad
  • Ain jerbi
  • Al wafa
  • Hateiba
  • Sahl
  • Assamoud
  • Meghil
  • Sorrah
  • Attahaddy

Company Factories:

  • Ammonia plants

Company labs:

  • Gas liquefaction plants



Zallaf Libya Oil & Gas

Zallaf is an exploration and production oil and gas entity established in 2013. It is 100% subsidiary company of the NOC to develop fields that have been discovered and appraised but not yet produced, increase oil and gas production, and create sustainable spatial development in production and industrial areas. As Libya holds some of the largest oil reserves in Africa and is currently positioning itself to become a major oil and gas producer again، this represents a great chance for Zallaf to help achieve this NOC National Goal.

Company activity:

  • Exploration
  • Production
  • Development
  • Appraisal



North African Geophysical Exploration Company (Nageco)

North African Geophysical Exploration Company (Nageco) was formed in 1987. as a joint venture between National the oil corporation of Libya and Western geophysical of Canada. In 2009 NOC assumed full ownership of Nageco Inc.

Company Activity:

  • Geophysical services (seismic survey)



Taknia Libya Engineering Company

Taknia Libya Engineering Company (TLEC) engineering and project management contractor to the oil and gas industry , Taknia was established on May, 2009 as a Libyan Share Company totally owned by National Oil Organization (NOC) and took over all the activities and the man power of the British Company Teknica UK Limited, which also was owned totally by NOC.

Company Activity:

  • Engineering Works



Zawia Oil Refining Company

was established under the Libyan National Oil Corporation’s Decision, and was given the registration number of 1572 at the Libyan Commercial Register. It started production in 1974 when its first Process Plant was inaugurated, giving an output capacity of 60, 000 BPD of refined oil. In 1977, the second twin Process Plant was added with similar output. In 1980, Azzawiya Asphalt Plant was opened, after which Benghazi Asphalt Plant followed in 1984 with an output of 200,000 tons per annum. In 1983, the Lube Oil Plant property was transferred to the Company. This plant produces 60,000 tons per annum of lubricating oils. The main target of establishing the Company was to fulfill the increasing local demand for oil derivatives, besides exporting any surplus products to global markets. In designing this Refinery, international standards were adhered to. Safety and individual, as well as environmental, protection were taken into consideration.

Company Products:

  • Asphalt
  • Fuel oil
  • Gas oil (diesel)
  • Jet fuel (kerosene)
  • Gasoline
  • LPG
  • Vac. diesel
  • Untreated naphtha



National Oil Company for Drilling & Maintenance of Oil Wells

National Company for drilling was established and maintenance of oil wells after the integration of the National Drilling Company and the National Company for the services of oil wells in one company under the National Company for drilling and maintenance of oil wells under the General People's Committee Decision No. (25) of 1987 in the aim of creating a solid base for competition and reduce monopoly engage in this activity by foreign companies.

Company Sites:

  • Bouri field (DP3 - DP4 Platforms)

Production: 30,000 barrel/day

Location: located 120 km north of the Libyan coast

NWD Operates and Supplies The Following Services to Millitah on the Bouri Platforms

Supply the crews for:

  • Drilling operations
  • Work over operations
  • Routine maintenance

Company excavators:

  • Excavators drill.

The company owns (10) drilling rigs

  • Excavators maintenance.

The company has (13) maintenance devices