N. M. Rabideaux, Ph.D.

Nathan Rabideaux (scientist) a.k.a. Dr. Red (producer)

Pic courtesy of Rebecca Pickering. GSU Panalytical X'Pert Pro MPD Lab (2014)


Greetings! Welcome to my personal webpage. My name is Nathan Rabideaux and I am a geologist, geochemist, and analytical instrumentation specialist. I currently work as a research laboratory manager at Rutgers-Newark, where I oversee two powder XRD labs, an SEM-EDS lab, a polymer and nanomaterials characterization lab with TGA, DSC, DMA, and Rheometer (PolyRUN), and a machine shop. Additionally, I assist faculty and students with their research, work with external clients, and try to sneak in some of my own research when I have the time and energy.

My research background is in sediment geochemistry, clay mineralogy, paleoceanography, and paleolimnology. I tend to focus on archives of environmental and climatic change obtained from drill cores in both marine and terrestrial settings and how those changes impacted life. I have worked on international scientific drilling projects, collaborated with renowned scientists across multiple disciplines, conducted fieldwork in remote and rugged environments, presented my research at many conferences and meetings, and co-authored numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Favorite activities include golf, disc golf, bowling, basketball, beach volleyball, biking, camping, hiking, caving, bouldering, scuba diving, snorkeling, and all sorts of boating from kayaking to sailing. Other hobbies and interests include music production, audio engineering, video production, photography, brewing beer, real estate, investing, entrepreneurship, and sci-fi & fantasy anything. But most of all, I love spending time with my two quirky rescue dogs.

Check out all the tabs to learn more about me. My contact info is below and I'd be happy to hear from you. I am planning to get a few multimedia projects going eventually, including a couple of podcasts and am a web series spoofing modern politics and punditry, which will be posted at www.red-the-rock-doc.com. So check that site out for all media content and more from Dr. Red Productions. Check back with us when you get a chance, we'll get things going... Ya know, probably.

Disclaimer: All ideas and opinions expressed on this website are my own. I am not speaking on behalf of or acting as a representative of my employer or any professional organization I am affiliated with through this site in any capacity. Any complaints, comments, or concerns should be directed at me, myself, and I and I alone. Peace.