N. M. Rabideaux, Ph.D.

Mandatory trona selfie at Lake Magadi, 2014.
On the shores of Nasikie Engida (a.k.a. Little Magadi), 2014.

Greetings and welcome to my personal website. I am currently a geochemist at Rutgers University - Newark, where I run some labs, assist faculty and students with their research, manage a machine shop, and try to sneak in some of my own research when I have the time and energy.

My research expertise is in sediment geochemistry and paleoenvironments, which encompasses the fields of clay mineralogy, stable isotope geochemistry, micropaleontology, limnogeology, marine geology, and a bit of glacial geology. I tend to focus on archives of environmental and climatic change - obtained from drill cores in both marine and terrestrial settings - and how those changes impacted life. My research experience has included participating in scientific drilling projects, utilizing stable isotope analyses of foraminifers to reconstruct how changing ocean circulation patterns during the Cenozoic (~65.5 Ma to present) influenced global climate, using sediment geochemistry and clay mineralogy to reconstruct Quaternary (~2.6 Ma to present) environmental change in eastern Africa, and identifying how environmental and climatic change influenced human evolution and behavior.

Moving forward, I am most interested in studying environmental and climatic change during the Carboniferous-Permian-Triassic, Cretaceous-Paleogene, and Quaternary, due to the importance of these time periods for understanding how abrupt environmental change (i.e. changing temperatures and atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations) affected life on Earth. Other scientific areas of interest include: 1) coral reef ecosystems, paleoecology & paleoclimatology; 2) speleology & karst systems; 3) dinosaurs; 4) astrobiology, origins of life & planetary geology; 5) carbon capture, utilization & storage solutions; and 6) green infrastructure, transportation planning, innovation & policy.

Favorite activities include golf, disc golf, bowling, basketball, beach volleyball, cycling, mountain biking, camping, hiking, caving, canyoneering, bouldering, rock climbing, mountaineering, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, and boating. Other hobbies and interests include music production, audio engineering, video production, photography, brewing beer, real estate, investing, entrepreneurship, and sci-fi & fantasy anything.

Check out all the tabs to learn more about me. My contact info is below and I'd be happy to hear from you. I am planning to get a blog going someday, will get around to starting a couple of podcast series about science and sports at some point, and am in the early stages of thinking about planning a web series spoofing political punditry. Check back with us when you get a chance, we'll get things going eventually... Ya know, probably.