Nathaniel M. Tran

Population Health Scientist. Writer. Fulbright Fellow. I research and write about social inequality and health. 

Hi, my name is Nathaniel Tran (they/he)

I am an incoming Assistant Professor in the Division of Health Policy & Administration, School of Public Health at the University of Illinois, Chicago. 

My research looks at the effects of public policies on the health and wellbeing of marginalized populations, including LGBTQ+ people and communities of color. 

My recent work aims to understand how LGBTQ+ older adults access supports and services in community settings so they can continue to live and age at home. Read more about this project Aging in Isolation: Sexual Orientation Differences in Navigating Cognitive Decline. 

I reiceved my PhD from Vanderbilt University in 2024 where I was a trainee in the Department of Health Policy, the LGBTQ+ Policy Lab, and the Center for Research on Inequality and Health. I earned my bachelor's degree from Tufts University in 2017 and was a Fulbright Fellow to Argentina in 2018. 

Public Health EXPERIENCE

Community Outreach Specialist

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Patient Services Volunteer

The Sharewood Project 

Tufts School of Medicine