Increase your knowledge and understanding of successful strategies and techniques to achieve your VALUE GOALS and take your career or business to the next level! Gain the social influence you need. Learn all the information that has propelled thousands to greatness with a step by step approach to achievement.


This book is not written for the novice on leadership. If you want a beginners book on leadership you can find any number of books on the topic of leadership. This information is provided for leaders looking to take their influence to the next level. Because my background and education is in accounting I will utilize a lot of number examples in this book. If you are like me, you want to know how the decision you make drops to your bottom line. This book was written specifically for you. It is written specifically for the experts on leadership.




Time Renovation For Realtors (Module #2): (e-book)

Learning Objectives:

Managers will be able to identify the 4 critical steps in renovating their time.

Managers will be able to identify what is important to them personally and set their priorities accordingly.

"Make your time a priority in your life because it is the most important resource you control" (Bush, 2014).

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Goal Renovation For Realtor's (Module #8):


Learning Objectives:

Managers learn specifically “what is a goal”; this module brings clarification to the misunderstanding of the goal setting process.

Managers will be able to understand the difference between achieving their desired outcomes and just simply wishing for success.

Managers will be able to sent the RIGHT goals for their team and organization.

"Do you have a burning desire or a personal mission" (Bush, 2014)?

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