Contract Software Development by Nate Ferrero

Plans starting at $120/hr

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👩‍💼 Relationships First

As a contract software developer, my highest priority is client satisfaction. Expect detailed and clear communication throughout the entire process - and no surprises. You and your team can benefit from my 7+ years as a professional software developer in a variety of roles - from an individual contributor to team manager with 11 direct reports. I will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with the work I deliver, and am happy to provide references to happy clients, past and present!

🔮 HTML5 + React.js + JavaScript Development

I am currently accepting React.js projects, but open to discuss other platforms.

I generally use Preact for lightweight, high-performance websites. Server-side rendering, and Webpack for builds, and support multiple themes and language packs for internationalization and white-labeling as needed.

🚀 Fast Delivery & Guaranteed Quality? No question about it!

Because I work off of clear requirements, and follow a strict agile workflow methodology, defects are less likely to slip through the cracks, saving you and your customers time and money. All requirements are analyzed for clarity, completeness, and user experience before heading off to the development phase. My rates include independent third-party quality assurance testing for peace of mind.

Here's my development process, honed at medium and large-scale companies like Gaikai (SONY), TD Ameritrade, and

  1. A Retainer Agreement is signed by both parties.
  2. Client creates an initial Project Definition Document containing:
    • Detailed user flows
    • Detailed limits to scope of project
    • Individual user stories
    • External interfaces or resources to be used
  3. I complete a detailed analysis and create a Project Definition Analysis Document. In this document, I:
    • Ensure the scope is well-defined
    • Note any ambiguous behavior
    • Note any problematic user experiences
    • Note any missing or unclear external interfaces or resources (APIs, databases, and the like)
    • Provide work-hour estimates in range from low to high for each line item
  4. The previous two documents are revised until both parties are in agreement.
  5. Work begins, and I track my work in your existing project tracking system (JIRA, etc.).
  6. Work is sent to an independent third-party Quality Assurance team.
  7. Work that has passed all Quality Assurance is submitted in a pull request to your version control system and linked in the project tracking system.
  8. I communicate through your existing channels (Slack, Email, SMS, Phone) to announce when work is completed and to ask any clarifying questions.
  9. A monthly invoice is sent containing a detailed description of all work completed.

↕️ Flexible Arrangements

I offer a variety of retainer agreements - pick a standard offering, or we can negotiate a custom offering.

Schedule XS10

Retain 10 hours per month at $160/hr. Additional work at $180/hr.

Schedule S20

Retain 20 hours per month at $150/hr. Additional work at $170/hr.

Schedule M40

Retain 40 hours per month at $140/hr. Additional work at $160/hr.

Schedule L80

Retain 80 hours per month at $130/hr. Additional work at $150/hr.

Schedule XL120

Retain 120 hours per month at $120/hr. Additional work at $140/hr.