updated february 2019

shot breakdown:00:06 - planet fitness: modeled 30 minute circuit00:08 - planet fitness: modeled & look dev weights equalizer00:09 - target: modeled & look dev junk box(left) and clothing rack(right)00:11 - fila: modeled, rigged & animated basketball hoop00:14 - shot plate; modeled, look dev & comped ball00:16 - co-designed, modeled, rigged, animated, look dev & comped00:18 - designed, modeled, look dev & comped00:22 - fila: modeled, rigged & animated fila sneaker for animation reference00:27 - target: modeled & look dev junk box(left) and 'please silence..' sign.00:30 - fila: modeled head for animation reference00:33 - planet fitness: modeled planet fitness logo & neon lights
song: 'feel it (instrumental)' by norman