PIANO LESSONS in pocatello


Beginner piano lessons are designed for students with little to no piano experience and who want to learn the basics of music theory and keyboard skills.


Intermediate piano lessons are offered to those students who have already been practicing the piano for several years and want to improve their skills.


Our advanced piano lessons are for highly skilled pianists wishing to refine their technique or who plan to audition for music schools and competitions.


Natalia Lauk comes from a lineage of classical Russian pianists and piano instruction. Both parents are graduates of the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in Saint-Petersburg and have more than 80 years combined piano teaching experience. Learn more.


Ian Cole at Musicians West competition.🎹 Good job!
Another Certificate of Achievement. Well done!
Getting ready to play piano.
After piano recital at Idaho State University


Eilis F., 6 years old,

"Thank you for teaching me how to play the piano. I liked being your student because you are nice and kind. I think you are very good at playing the piano. I like that you make songs different."

EIMTA Teachers

"Thank you for devoting your time and expertise to helping our students grow and develop as musicians. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to share your talent and knowledge."

Ella F., 8 years old

"Thank you for teaching me this year! I enjoy being in your class not just because your room in beautiful and neat it's because you are nice, kind and creative. I hope that you teach me more piano stuff. I wish that you can be my awesome teacher forever!"

Tara L., adult vocal student

"I have truly enjoyed being able to get to know you better. You are a phenomenal person and of course Musician! I don't know where I would have been this semester if it not had been for you! I wish, one day, in the near future to have another opportunity to collaborate with you once more."


Natalia Lauk Paino Studio mission is to offer affordable private piano lesssons in Pocatello for all ages and levels. I offer personalized one-on-one piano lessons at Idaho State University Fine Arts building conveniently located at 698 E Dillon St. Piano lessons help develop fine motor skills, strong musicianship, deep knowledge, discipline and public performance confidence. I also prepare students for university and conservatory entrance auditions, Certificate Of Achievement exam, recitals and competitions. I offer piano lessons of 1 hour, 45 and 30 minutes. All students signed up for full semester (13 lessons ) receive 15% discount and one free make up lesson per semester.

I approach each student individually in order to better unlock their potential and achieve success in both piano theory and performance. Natalia Lauk Piano Studio holds two piano recitals per year where students can showcase their achievements and get accustomed to performing in front of an audience. If you are looking for piano lessons near you or would simply like more information please email me to lauknata@isu.edu or text to (518) 596 9664. I look forward to scheduling your first piano lesson.

what are the piano lessons like?

Here is just a tip of the iceberg. Take a peek at fun and cute moments at Natalia Lauk Piano Studio.




I accept students from age of four, based on audition and probationary period of one semester. During this first semester the student has to show a certain level of musicality, an attention span of no less than 30 minutes, and eagerness to learn. At the end of this period, I will decide whether to continue lessons. It is important to understand that just as students choose their teachers, teachers choose their students, and I may decide to discontinue lessons at any time. If you would like to enroll your child at Natalia Lauk Piano Studio please, take a couple minutes to read this studio policy and fill out registration form here. I will contact you within 24 hours to confirm availability.


Students must be on time and well prepared for every lesson. Student is obligated to attend 13 lessons per semester (except in summer when minimum requirements is seven lessons). Any cancellation requires 24-hour notice. Missing a lesson without a notice or not being prepared may result in termination of student's enrollment. Please, note that there is one mandatory recital at the end of fall and spring semesters. Each student is required to perform one piece from memory. Student may be excused only in case of family emergency or illness. Missing the recitals without the excuse will result in termination of student's enrollment. Please, bring to each lesson: hard cover binder (3 rings) with blank sheets and assigned music books.


Payments need to be made before semester starts. Please, make your checks payable to ISU Piano Preparatory Program. Semester rates are as follows:

  • "Professional": 1 hour, $34 per lesson - $884 per semester (26 lessons per semester, two 60 min lessons per week, piano and Music Theory 101) .
  • "Master of Piano" : 1 hour, $34 per lesson - $442 per semester (13 lessons per semester, one 60 min lesson per week)
  • "I Love Music!": 45 min, $22.5 per lesson - $331.5 per semester (13 lessons per semester, one 45 min lesson per week)
  • "Easy Track" : 30 min, $17 per lesson - $221 per semester (13 lessons, one 30 min lesson per week)


I offer only one complimentary makeup lesson per semester. Additional makeup lessons usually will be arranged should I have to cancel. The studio shall not assume any financial responsibility for a student's absence(s). It is also the position of this piano studio that sporting events and other extracurricular activities are not considered valid excuses for not practicing during the week. Sports and music may not always be mutually compatible, but need not be mutually exclusive.


If you should arrive early for your scheduled lesson time, please wait until no sooner than five minutes before your scheduled time before entering the studio. Also, please be prompt in picking up your child after his/her lesson if you must be absent during that time. This applies to both rehearsals and performances. For your child’s safety, please ensure your student is with an Instructor and in a lesson before leaving.


If you have any questions, please call my studio at (518) 596-9664, leave a message, and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand what I expect from myself, my students and their families. I look forward to our musical journey together!

Natalia Lauk, M.M. in Piano Performance and Instruction , (518) 596 96 64, natalauk@gmail.com