NASWCA Tech Council

The mission of the NASW-CA Tech Council is to expand and strengthen the role of technology within social work practice. Our audience is social workers, including practitioners, students, faculty, and alumni as well as community partners and technologists. This statewide Tech Council is a first in NASW.

Social Work Month 2018

This year's theme is Social Workers: Leaders. Advocates. Champions.

Let's be Leaders in creating our own technology for our own use. Who knows our needs better? We know what technology will we will use in the field, in the office, and in our classrooms and what we will use only because it is mandated.

Let's be Advocates for the communities we serve. How many of you have thought, "If _______ existed, it could really help my client/patient/community?" If you know of a need and you aren't sure the solution exists, let's look for it. If it doesn't exist, let's create it.

Let's be our own Champions. Social workers have a lot of strengths and are everywhere! If we do not have a say in the technology we are using and recommending, we are not using our voice, passion and knowledge.

Celebrate Social Work Month by investing in yourselves. You can contribute to technology, even if it's just the idea. Sign up for our newsletter and email us your questions or concerns. We are here to help and we need your feedback to plan the events you want and provide the information you need.

-Christa Tipton, MSW, Co-Chair