Audition Information

Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will open on the website on January 11th and must be completed by February 1st for all students entering 9-10 grade. If you missed this deadline, you may still apply, but you are not guaranteed the opportunity to audition. Audition results from our February 9th Open Audition will be released on February 22 online as per the District Optional School Calendar. Letters will be mailed out on February 27th.

If you had completed the application by the deadline but missed the February 9th audition, teachers will be reaching out to all that provided accurate information to schedule an audition with you. These will be done as they are available. If a student is auditioning for two areas, there is no guarantee that they will audition for both areas on the same day. If your contact information has changed or you haven't heard from anyone after 3-4 weeks, please feel welcome to email the appropriate teacher listed below to request an audition.

Applications for 11-12 grade are not due until March 2nd. Auditions will be set up as needed for those students after the application process is completed.


Nashville School of the Arts students must be residents of Davidson County. To register your student in the Metro Nashville Public School system, you can visit one of the MNPS Enrollment Centers or the School Board office to register.

If your student will be entering the 9th or 10th grade, you will need to fill out the Optional Schools application.

If your student will be entering the 11th or 12th grade, you will need bring to the NSA main office:

  • a complete application
  • most recent report card
  • student transcript

Our counselors will make sure your student has the credits needed to graduate on time if attending our school. This process may take up to three days, so please allow 72 hours for the application to be approved or denied.

If approved, you can pick up the application at NSA and take it to the MNPS School Options Office at 2601 Bransford Ave., Nashville, TN 37210.

Getting Ready to Audition

You are able to audition for one or two areas. If you do chose to audition for two, please make sure to indicate which is your first and second preference on the application.

Once the application has been filled out online or dropped off at the School Options Office on Bransford Avenue, a representative from NSA will then contact you with details of an open audition or to schedule an audition.

Please note late applicants, regardless of reason, are not guaranteed an audition.

We do hold one open audition per year in correlation with the School Choice Festival open enrollment period scheduled by the MNPS school board. Details on this can be found on the MNPS School Options page.

Once an open audition date has been planned, it will be added to the school calendar on this website. If you miss open auditions, contact the school for instructions.

Contact the Conservatory

For more details on what to expect during a specific audition, please click the conservatory name in this section. If you have additional questions, email the conservatory head:

Band - Glenn Fugett

Choral - Trey Jacobs

Dance - Deb Perry and Stacie Flood-Popp

Guitar - James Satterwhite

Literary Arts - Misty Ayres-Miranda

Orchestra - Glenn Fugett

Piano - Laura Gabriel

Theatre - Daniel Baumgardner

Visual Arts - Marti Profitt-Streuli and Camille Spadafino

After the Audition

The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Department of Student Assignment Services establishes the date of notification for the release of placement results for all of Davidson County’s magnet and school choice programs. Expect to receive the results of your audition according to the timeline established by the district.

The calendar can be found at the MNPS School Options page. There will be no exceptions to the date of notification established by the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools.

On the Waiting List?

If a student is waitlisted, waitlist status cannot be discussed at any point whether via telephone, email or in person.

See the FAQ page for more details concerning being waitlisted.

Audition results will be mailed to the address recorded on the initial School Choice application, so please make sure you are careful and accurate when applying. Audition results will not be released over the telephone or via email.

To ensure you don't miss the deadline for accepting your seat, please note you can also do this online from the School Options page.