About Nsa

Thank you for your interest in the Nashville School of the Arts.

Every one of our students is an artist, whether in instrumental or vocal music, visual art, theatre, dance or literary arts. Every one of our students is a scholar, and NSA is rapidly becoming known for its strong academics as well as its stellar arts programs.

Every one of our students is also an individual. You feel it from the minute you walk in the door. Six hundred unique young faces, and the best part is the respect and admiration that they carry for each other.

We invite you to come for a performance or a tour and experience firsthand the artists, scholars and individuals of NSA.

Dr. Gregory Stewart, Principal

About Nashville School of the Arts

The Nashville School of the Arts, founded in 1993, is a specialty high school serving talented arts students from across the school district. There are nine unique arts conservatories for which students may audition. These include Dance, Music-Choral, Music-Band, Music-Strings, Music-Guitar, Music-Piano, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts and Literary Arts. As artists, they practice and rehearse and edit, honing their craft over their four years in conservatories that immerse them in artistic excellence.

At NSA, we’re about more than just the arts; our school is also becoming known for its strong academics. Our percentage of students participating in Advanced Placement courses is third in the MNPS district, behind the two academic magnets. Our percentage of students passing the AP exams is only a few percentage points behind those academic magnets. And every year our seniors are offered millions of dollars in scholarships to attend nationally recognized arts programs and prestigious institutions where our students train not just to become musicians, actors, painters, dancers and writers—but also doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientists.

Our safe, creative atmosphere serves to enhance our school-wide focus on integration of arts and academics, while programs like NSA Presents works to further expand our students’ horizons. This popular program brings in well-known artists (such as Chip Esten and Chris Young) for an Inside the Actors Studio-style Q&A and student performances inspired by that artist’s work.

Please visit our Future Plans page for more information on a planned campus move.