Experience Day. Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions relate to you booking, your party aboard the boat and our obligations in booking and using Narrowboat Maddison during a scheduled Narrowboat Experience Day.

We’re trying to keep our terms and conditions as simple as possible.

Booking Terms and Conditions

1: Your booking is only provisionally booked upon receipt of the deposit and only reserves your date on our calendar preventing other guests from booking it. The confirmed booking is when we receive your final balance payment in full one month before your Narrowboat Experience Day date.

2: The deposit is non refundable and only confirms you intend to pay the balance as set out in section 1: above.

3: We will make every effort possible to accommodate changing the dates you have booked on any of our scheduled Experience Days, and providing you inform us at least one month before the scheduled date AND we can fill the place/s, we will arrange alternate dates for you at no extra cost.

4: You may change the attendees names at any time up to the start of the day with no additional cost.

5: The Narrowboat Experience Day is designed for two people. However, one person may book the day if they so wish. No reduction in price will be given.

6: In the unlikely event we need to cancel due to circumstances beyond our control, we will make efforts to continue the Narrowboat Experience Day along an alternate route or failing that, offer an alternate day for you to attend. In circumstances where we can not offer this alternative, we will refund your payment, minus the booking deposit

7: Late Arrival at the boat mooring will be deducted from your booked cruise duration .

8. In some circumstances the day may overrun. If your time is critical, taxis can be arranged at your expense.

9. The location where you board the boat may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control such as (but not limited to) repairs to the canal network or stoppages of the navigation. In these instances condition 6 above applies.

General Terms and Conditions - These apply to you and all members of your party.

1: We take your safety seriously and do all that we can to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, however it is your responsibility to ensure that you dress and behave in an appropriate manner for the Narrowboat Experience Day and follow the directions of your Skipper at all times. If the Skipper thinks that your behaviour or attire is not appropriate he will not allow you to continue with the Narrowboat Experience Day.

2: No alcohol is to be consumed or taken aboard the boat during you Narrowboat Experience Day. We ask that you refrain from consuming alcohol prior to boarding the boat. If it is the opinion of the Skipper that you are adversely under the influence of alcohol, we reserve the right to cancel the Narrowboat Experience Day on the spot and require you to leave the boat. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

3: Controlled Drugs. As set out in section 2: above in General Terms and Conditions.

4: Parts of the Narrowboat Experience Day requires physical effort and agility either in getting on or off the boat or operating locks, using ropes or steering. If you are uncertain of your ability to perform such tasks, please speak to us before you book and we will discuss the requirements in more detail with you. The skipper accompanying you will assist where possible.

5: We are not responsible for injury to you or the loss or damage of any of your personal property while you are on the boat.

6: No responsibility for loss or damage to your vehicle or its contents is accepted by us or the owners of Otherton Boat Haven, Penkridge where your vehicle is parked entirely at your risk.

Cancellation due to weather

Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that all our boating courses take place irrespective of the weather, high winds will not only impact on the safety of those on the boat but also be detrimental to your enjoyment of the Narrowboat Experience Day. In order to give as much notice as possible of a cancellation we use the Met Office weather forecast as a guide for potential winds three days before the scheduled date. If the Met Office predicts sustained winds in excess of 17MPH or gusts exceeding 30MPH for Penkridge we will cancel the Narrowboat Experience Day and attempt to reschedule. Our normal cancellation conditions (above) apply.

Data Protection Statement

Any personal information you give to us will be processed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Rules (GDPR). We will use the information to process your booking and to provide any relevant further information to you about your Narrowboat Experience Day. We will not share your data with any third party.

Under the terms of GDPR you have the right to view the data that we hold about you. This is called a Subject Access Request.

You must make this request in writing to:

Jones Family CruisingThe GablesCranberryCotes HeathStafford. ST216SQ

Please note there is a £10 fee to process your request and this must be enclosed with your request.