Conditions of Hire



The fuel tank is filled with approximately 200 litres of diesel prior to the boat going out and this is more than enough for two weeks cruising. If you find you need more fuel please top up before you run out as there is a charge if you call us requesting refuelling to get you to the next fuel service. If you do need to refuel yourselves, this is at your own expense. We do ask you keep the fuel above the 30 Litre mark on the dip-stick.


There are two 13kg propane gas bottles on the boat. One connected and in use and one new full bottle in reserve. When the "in use" bottle runs out, swap it over for the full bottle. Any extra bottles will be at your expense. Only Calor gas should be used and can be exchanged at canal-side service locations for the same weight bottles.


Duvets, pillows and sleeping bags are provided for each berth you request up to the maximum 8 berths. We also provide a bath & hand towel for each person on the boat. If you are on the boat for extended periods, you may want to launder towels. Laundry facilities are available at various canal side services and marinas.



The boat is handed over to you in a clean and tidy condition. We ask that you hand the boat back in the same condition in which you received it.

Please sweep and mop the floors. Wipe down of the bathroom, kitchen & cooker and hard surfaces. Cloths and cleaning products are provided on the boat free of charge.


Once you have used up your spare gas bottle, replacement will be at your own expense. Please only purchase Calorgas bottles of the same weight of 13Kg from canal-side services.


The costs of repair and replacement of damaged or lost items will be your responsibility. Please inform us of any damage or loss you are unable to reinstate as soon as it happens as we will need to reinstate it before the next hire period, which may well be the same day as you return.


Windlass = £30. Piling Mooring Hook= £15. Mooring Ground Pin = £15. Front Fender = £110. Rear Fender = £110. Tiller Bar = £120. Folding Chair = £15. Crockery & Glasses per item = £5. Side Window Glass = £200. Front Window Glass = £100. Damage to paintwork above gunnel's = Variable costs. Side Fender Eyelets = £20. Tunnel Light = £35. Horn = £30. Mushroom Vent = £30. Boat Pole - £25. Boat Hook = £37

Narrowboat Maddison - Conditions of Hire

These conditions apply to bookings made on or after 16th March 2016. Bookings made before this date, will be subject to previous terms and conditions.

See REVISIONS at the bottom of this page.

Any contract to hire our narrow boat incorporates Conditions 1 – 6 below and is between Jones Family Cruising and you as the hirer.

The contract does not take effect until written confirmation of your booking and receipt of your deposit is sent to you. This contract is made in England and is governed by English Law.

1. Jones Family Cruising.

Please note that we do not accept single sex bookings of more than 2 persons without prior approval and your acceptance of our conditional booking terms.

Booking & Initial payment

The confirmation of a narrow boat booking will be given once the fully completed booking form along with a non refundable deposit of £50 or if greater, 10% (rounded up) of the total price has been received by Jones Family Cruising. The hirer will then be responsible for paying the full balance at least one calendar month prior to the start date of their narrow boat holiday.

Your financial responsibilities

Speeding Fines - Reported or witnessed

Damages - Malicious, negligent or intentional damage to the boat, its equipment, the waterway and its infrastructure, other boats or structures.

Loss of Inventory Equipment - The cost of replacing same items. Please see Replacement Charges.

Late Arrival / Return - Arriving at or Returning the boat beyond the agreed time.

Cleaning - Return of boat in an unclean condition. £60.00

Extra Gas - Purchase of replacement gas cylinders at your expense.

Fuel Call-out - Running out of fuel Call out fee. £60.00 + Fuel costs.

In the event of any of the above occurrences, we shall claim the full cost of repairs, replacement or compensation fees.

Hire Period – Collection and Return of narrow boat

The hire period commences at 14:00 hrs on the first day of your hire and ends at 10:00 hrs on the final day unless an alternate time has been agreed. This will be recorded on the Boat Handover Certificate.

Late Arrival / Return Charges

There is a 30 minute grace period allowed. After the 30 minutes grace, there is a charge of £40.00 made and £40 for every subsequent hour overdue after the agreed return time. Eg. If the boat is to be returned at 10am and is late, then at 10:31 am the late charge is applied. If the boat returns at 11:01 am another late return charge is applied.

Boat Cleaning

Cleaning equipment and products are supplied on the boat. The boat must be returned in a clean condition i.e. all bins emptied, all pots, pans and crockery cleaned and put away, all raised hard surfaces (including the cooker) cleaned and floors swept and mopped. Shower, sinks and toilets are cleaned. There is a £60.00 fee for failing to return the boat in a clean and tidy condition.


Should the hirer cancel the booking, we will attempt to re-let the boat at the full price. If this is successful, all monies less the deposit will be refunded. However if we do not succeed in re-letting the boat, the proposed hirer is legally responsible for promptly paying the balance of the hire fees.

The hirer is advised to make their own cancellation insurance arrangements.

2. Conditions of Use

Free tuition will be given to the hirer who will ensure that the narrow boat is in good working order. Where the hirer is not familiar with the working locks, they will be taken through several locks and supervised in safe and courteous navigation of the canal and operation of its infrastructure.

Young People

Bookings from persons under the age of 21 cannot be accepted. No person under the age of 18 may control the narrow boat, unless under the direct supervision of a responsible adult member of the party 21 years or over.

Cycles/ Canoes

Due to the high value of our narrow boat and its’ equipment, no cycles or canoes are allowed on board.


We welcome one medium size or two small breed dogs aboard Maddison. There is a £35 fee per dog, per week or part week subject to the below conditions.


  • All dogs must be kept off beds, seating and soft furnishings.
  • We ask that owners bring with them blankets/bedding for their pets to sleep on.
  • Owners must provide their own bowls for water and food.
  • No dogs may be left alone on the boat.

Smoking / Vaping

Is not permitted inside the boat cabin.

Toilet Tank Pump Out

The boat’s toilet tank will be provided empty at the start of your holiday. Should the tank become full before the end of the holiday you are responsible for the cost of emptying the tank. The boat can be returned with a full tank without charge. The toilet must not be used once the tank is full and any damage caused by its continued use once the tank is full will be charged to you.


The toilets provided on board are a maceration type. Instructions on its use will be provided during the handover. Should we need to be called out due to misuse i.e. wipes, cotton wool, sanitary items or any other foreign matter causing a blockage then a call-out fee of £60.00 will be charged to the hirer.

Additionally, when the boat is returned if a blockage is discovered to the toilets by disposing of items that are prohibited, there will be a charge of £40 to remedy any blockage.


Fishing may be carried out from the front and rear decks of the boat whilst stationary. You will require a rod licence to comply with the law. Live fish bait must not be taken inside the boat or stored in the boats fridge or other storage areas.

Cruising Limits.

The boat may be taken on canals. Experienced hirers will need to agree with us any cruising on rivers, prior to the start of their holiday. Disregard of this hiring condition leaves the hirer responsible for all damages, recovery and third party claims not covered by insurance.

3. Safety Rules, Common Sense and Navigation Bye Laws

The hirer agrees to the following:

  • Travel no more than 4 mph
  • Never create a wash that breaks on the bank (even at 4mph this is possible)
  • Slow right down to tick-over past moored boats
  • No cruising between sunset and sunrise
  • No smoking / vaping inside the boat
  • Only carry those named on the Booking Form / Handover Certificate
  • Do not carry portable heaters, toasters and other electrical appliances not agreed by us, flammable substances or other hazardous items.
  • Comply with CRT/Environment Agency bye-laws: these specifically include leaving lock paddles in the correct position, and being considerate to other waterway users and property
  • Although we want you to enjoy yourselves may we draw attention to the fact it is illegal to be drunk in charge of any vessel on British Waterways.

4. Jones Family Cruising Regulations.

We reserve the right to refuse to hand over a narrow boat to any person who, in our opinion, is not suitable to take charge of the vessel. In the event of this happening, all payments (minus deposit) will be refunded to the proposed hirer, who will then have no further claim against Jones Family Cruising.

We reserve the right to repossess the boat at any time if, in our opinion, the boat is being mishandled, misused illegally or if the crew’s behaviour is considered detrimental to other waterway users or the safe use of the boat. In the event of this happening, no portion of the hire fee will be refunded.

Your Insurance

Hirers are recommended to take out personal insurance cover against injury/loss of belongings.

5. Exemptions

Jones Family Cruising shall not be liable for matters arising beyond our reasonable control, or not due to our negligence or wilful default including without limitation: death or personal injury of Hirers, their crew and passengers; loss or damage to property; non-fulfilment or interruption of the reservation; delays; breakdowns; mechanical problems; defects; damage; restrictions on cruising; obstructions; repairs to waterways; non-availability of routes; storms, floods, drought, ice shortage of water and other weather conditions; non-availability of fuel; or in respect of any loss, damage, expense, injury or claim.

Delays and Restrictions.

No liability can be accepted by us for any delays or non-completion of planned cruising caused by restrictions, obstructions, or repair to the waterways system or any unforeseen cause. We reserve the right to restrict the cruising area without prior notice should any stoppages, unusual or hazardous conditions prevail.

Breakdown and Repairs

Every care is taken to ensure our boat is serviced at regular intervals and in good working order. In case of breakdown, occasional faults or repairs needed please contact us immediately and we will take the appropriate action to attempt to remedy the situation. All repairs are our responsibility and should not be put into the hands of others without our authority.


You must not tow or be towed by any other vessel without our permission.


If the hirer is involved in an incident, the following procedure should take place:

  • Contact us immediately giving the following information -
  • Full details of the boats involved: index numbers, names and person/ persons involved and name and address of any witnesses.
  • Full details of the incident including time, date, actions and damage/injury caused to any property/persons.
  • Under no circumstances must the hirer admit any liability.

6. Hirer’s Vehicles and Property.

Parking is available for the convenience of our customers (max of 2 cars) But we or the marina do not accept any liability whatsoever for loss or damage to customers’ vehicles. You are advised not to leave valuables in your vehicles.


16/03/2016 - Final Payment was 2 weeks. Now increased to one calendar month.

16/03/2016 - Hire Period - Boat return time changed from 14:00 hrs to 10:00 hrs.

16/03/2016 - Hire Period - 30 minute Grace Period added to overdue return charges.

02/03.2018 – Late Return Charge revised from £30 to £40 and further explained.

16/07/2018 – Fees and conditions relating to dogs aboard the boat.

01/09/2019 - Dogs Fee - Revised from £25 to £35 per dog per week or part week.