Napoli's Pizza

Napoli Pizza Restaurant

222 Neighborhood Market Rd

Orlando, FL 32825

Phone: 407 737-6885

Fax: 407 737-7535

A high quality, chef-oriented, casual alternative to fine dining

Founded by Andrea years-ago, Napoli Pizza Restaurant has earned a reputation as one of Orlando's best pizza shops. One of the reasons people love Napoli Pizza Restaurant is because we use recipes that have been handed down the family from generation to generation.

Our original location has changed since the founding of Napoli Pizza Restaurant. Our rustic pizza shop has all the charm you would expect from a family-owned Italian restaurant and we also offer seating for dining at our location: 222 Neighborhood Market Rd, Orlando, FL 32825. 

See for yourself, or simply stop by for a visit. We look forward to welcoming you here!