Quest by the Best - The Search Company

Nancy J. Keene

Principal Investigator

Missing Heirs located worldwide since 1980.

Does “due diligence” take up your valuable time and energy?

We can find them for You!

In such places as Croatia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Poland, Hungary, Spain as well as all over the US.

We do the Searching for YOU!

We create the Family Tree!

We identify the heirs!

We answer YOUR needs!

“We can find them when others cannot!”

To begin a search there is a required signed Letter of Agreement and a retainer to be mailed to:

Nancy J. Keene, Quest by the Best

P.O. Box 228

Hellertown, PA 18055

The following is a very brief review of successful searches.

  • A man from Bulgaria died in US. No family in US. I found son/heir in Slovakia.
  • A man from Taiwan died on the street in US. No known family in US. I found his brother living in Shanghai, China.
  • A lady died with a dozen family members in US. After my investigation, I found 33 heirs in Poland.
  • A man died in US. No known family. I found a daughter living in Canada after she had grown-up in Hungary with the divorced mother.
  • A five-year-old Korean girl was adopted in Seoul by a US physician. Her birth mother in US wanted to locate the daughter whose name was unknown to her. I found the daughter.
  • A wife contacted me to locate her intentionally non-locatable ex-husband. I found him.
  • A mother who gave up her baby to a sealed adoption wanted to find her thirty-year-old child. I found her.
  • A fifty-year-old man walked away from his family, leaving no address nor destination. I found him so he could contact his ailing mother.
  • Family member/executor of an estate knew of 12 family members to be possible heirs. I located and confirmed 49 heirs. Created family tree to show relationship to decedent.
  • A woman died in US. Her survivor was a half-sister in NJ. I located an unknown illegitimate half-brother located in Texas where he was born.
  • A man died intestate in NJ. I found an aunt/heir in PA who was essentially a homeless person.
  • A “Quiet title” search was conducted in NJ dating back to 1880s. I created the family tree as data was produced until all living members of the family were located.
  • A lady from Croatia died and a cousin insisted she was the only surviving heir. I located other remaining family members who were heirs.
  • A man died intestate leaving a few relatives who had name spelling changes and dubious parentage issues. I located the last to be found who was raised by grandparents as her parents.
  • A gay couple both died intestate leaving their owned home in NJ vacant. No one knew their families. I located and spoke to one of the fathers.

Thank you for inquiring about the services I can provide for you.

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