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Have you ever watched boxing on TV? Have you ever wanted to box or wondered what it was like to be in the ring? Maybe you’ve just wanted to learn to defend yourself or just to try a new sport. Well now you can learn! Nampa High School has started their first every boxing Club! I just recently joined this club and let me tell you… it is so fun!...

By Kylee Stradley, 5/4/2021

Honeybees are the only insect that produces food eaten by man and are environmentally friendly and they are crucial to humanity’s survival as pollinators, bees pollinate approximately 130 crops in the Us alone such as fruit vegetable, nut, and fiber crops...

By Lexi Neill, 4/29/2021

Resident Evil 7, or better known as Resident Evil Biohazard is a horror game made by Capcom. This series started in ’96 with the first installment...

By Michael Hernandez, 5/4/2021

Resident Evil Village or known as Resident Evil 8 is a horror game by Capcom...

By Michael Hernandez, 5/4/2021

By Noah Picha, 5/7/2021

Dead by Daylight is celebrating its 5th anniversary later in the month. It was revealed that the next chapter is in fact licensed. The 20th chapter in Dead by Daylight is confirmed to be Resident Evil...

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