DBT News

Who We Are Intended to Serve

Our DBT Skills Class is a non-certified class that focuses on the skills published by Marsha Linehan in her model for Dialectical Behavior Therapy. As a non-certified program we lack the resources and training to provide individual therapy and phone coaching. We were created with the intention of serving the following populations, however, anybody is welcome!

1) Individuals curious about DBT and want to learn more.

2) Family members of individuals who utilize DBT skills

3) Graduates of certified DBT programs who want a chance to brush up on skills

4) Individuals currently on a waiting list for a certified DBT program in the community.

This site is intended to be an informational resource to those taking or thinking of taking DBT Skills Classes at : NAMI SE MN, 1700 N Broadway, DOOR B

We meet 5:30-7:30 PM, Tuesdays fall and winter. News of any planned holiday or other breaks will be posted here, on the NAMI Calendar, the NAMI Facebook page and the DBT Skills Class Facebook Page

Contact Monica Yeadon

or text (preferred) or call 507-993-9505

**NOTE** These are DBT SKILLS classes only. They are not "Certified DBT" classes with associated therapy and phone support. The classes are free of charge and materials are provided. You may join our class at any time.