About N/a/N/


In August 2018, Riley and Kaitlin came up with the idea to start a publication for trans/nonbinary/genderfluid/two-spirit creators, feeling that there weren't enough spaces for folks like us in the literary/art/comics world. In just a month, N/a/N's social media presence had reached hundreds of creators and garnered more submissions than we ever anticipated. Now, we're preparing to launch our first issue and looking forward to an even bigger future for Name and None.


Reader: Carlito Beal

is a SoCal native, born and raised in Palm Springs, California (Organic Certified) (not really). He works in hybrid forms with a focus in fragmentation as well as the interplay of text with image. They are an amateur zine-r, lover of puns, and definitely wants to see pictures of your pets. You can find him currently working on his MFA at UC San Diego and on Twitter as @ALittleManly, or, really, anywhere coffee is sold. Their most recent published work appears in Now That's What I Call Poetry 48 and the fine Irish zines Unpredictapple and Bombinate. Pronouns: they/he

Coeditor / Designer: Riley R. Leight

is a writer, editor, and artist whose work centers on identity, religion, and LGBT history. They are the recipient of an Abraham L. Polonsky award for fiction and a Maurya Simon scholarship for poetry. Their writing has appeared in Occulum, Mosaic, and COAL Magazine. Before helping to start N/a/N/, they were the Editor-in-Chief of the multidisciplinary journal Audeamus. You can find them @rileyrleight on Twitter or rileyleight.com.

Reader: Liz Tetu

is a gag comic artist, an essayist, a saucy poet, something like a zinester, bi, a Bear-in-training, and too damn busy for his own good. He's also the editor and crafty publisher of The Throwaway Account. He shares his bed with a bowl of mac 'n' cheese.

Coeditor / Webmaster: Kaitlin Rose Williams

is a pussy theorist and a long time artist. They are the Co-Founding Editor of Name and None and have a bachelor's in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside. Their work has appeared in City Works 2015 and that's all. Future pet parent to Boots (cat son) and Butter (dog daughter). A new cycle and chapbook (is always) coming soon. You can find them @bitopiangoddess on Twitter or revolutionarypussy.com.